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Insane numbers of zombie troops in (last) player vs. zombies

It seems like a recent update may have increased zombie troop reinforcements. Although this sometimes makes games feel a little random, I generally like this. However, once you've beaten all human opponents and have the zombies cornered to a couple territories, I've noticed that zombies still (seemingly randomly) get huge numbers of troop reinforcements. It's pretty annoying when you're in a good position and just trying to end the game quickly. If, say, the zombies have been getting 20-30 troops per turn, so you wall them off accordingly, and then they suddenly get 50+ on a turn, it really prolongs the (very boring) game. I've noticed this in fixed cards mode recently, but I believe same thing happens in progressive. Has anyone else noticed this?

I'm going to quote an SMG customer support person on how zombies work "How many troops they draft depends on which condition they are in terms of troop total. One is if they have the most, two is if they don't have the most. You can also see that not attacking them also results in some more ambitious troop gain as well. The troop placement tends to be fairly evenly spread. When they have below a certain percentage of territories they also have an increased probability of a "takeover" of another players territory."

Yeah, I guess personally I'd like that low-territories-surge to turn off when it's one human left vs. zombies. Happened again today: zombies had 4 or 5 territories left, and had been getting 20-30 troops per turn, and then suddenly got over 100 and blew through my wall. It just extends a boring game unnecessarily.

Well Zombie placement doesn't affect your rank at all.

Losing to them if all other humans are gone is still a first place finish.

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