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Is it possible for a player to control a bot?

 I mean is it possible for someone to find a way to cheat to control a bot?

I just played a game where a bot didn't attack one player when it had ample opportunity to and it also was putting all it's troops in one area and moving them around the board.

I've never seen a bot do that, usually they just attack whatever is next to them.  But in this game the bot was in Australia with the purple player, even strength basically and it fled Australia and put all it's troops in one area and first went to NA then Europe etc. 

I made a move for Australia and suddenly the bot came back and stationed his troops right next to mine at the entrance to Australia.

Anyone else ever experience anything like this?  I've played hundreds of games and I've never seen a bot behave this way.

You can manipulate the bot's actions with your own stacks inadvertently, but there is no way at all to actually manipulate the bot itself and its actions with hacks -  although it's technically possible, it's unreasonably difficult to do and nobody goes to that kind of trouble.

I've played enough games to know how bots behave and don't  behave.  This bot pooled all his troops into one territory and was moving them all around the map.

And what do you mean nobody goes through that kind of trouble?   There are years worth of threads of message boards about people cheating and how they cheat and breaking down how to hack the game etc.

And if it's "not reasonable" to hack he game like that why was he bot behaving like that?

I'm talking later in the game, the bot put all his troops in one area and then moved around the board attacking.

Is it possible for a bot to behave that way because after playing around 600 SMG Risk games I've certainly never seen it before.

 Like I said he bot was in Australia, every bot I've ever seen would have kept building up it's troops in Australia to keep up with the purple player or would have attacked the purple player but this bot not only didn't attack the player in Australia it FLED Australia and then attacked other players after putting all it's troops in one single large mass.

So is that "possible" behavior for a bot? 

Yes, that description makes complete sense. When a bot sees a stack it does not have a majority of troops in comparison to, it generally doesn't try to outstack and instead goes for nearby lower-troop territories.

Trust me, there REALLY aren't that many hackers in this game. Where are these years of threads about hacking? I've encountered only a single cheating thread and I've been sweeping the Steam, Reddit, Discord, and here for months.

 That description makes complete sense?

A bot in Australia.....even numbers with the other player in Australia.......then leaves Australia......puts all it's troops in one army....moves around the board attacking......then when Australia is threatened by another player it comes back to Australia and blocks the player?

That description makes sense to you? I said, I've played 600 games online.  I've been playing for 2-3 years.  I've never seen a bot do anything like that.  It was acting intelligently and as we all know.....the programming for the bots is awful and certainly not intelligent.

You say people wouldn't go through the  trouble but I saw a list of "top winners" a while back and people were WINNING 60+ of games in a that's even possible I can't imagine because if someone wins 60 games in a week how many are they playing?

I've ran across God knows how many players using two accounts.  Like I said there are messageboards with years of people talking about hacking this game.

I mean, what is easier to believe?  A bot behaving intelligently or that a person hacked the bot and was using it as another player?

Has there been some massive upgrade to the bot AI that I just missed?

Alright, do you by any chance have a screenshot of the battle log or something to identify which game it was then?

The game was weeks ago. 

You said it was impossible anyway.  Must have been my imagination right?  I mean no AI ever behaved that way in any other game I've played so I must have just imagined it.

I don't know, it shouldn't be possible, but it's still concerning. . . 

And I just looked and there are 17 people on the leaderboard with over  200 wins this week, 2 have more than 300 wins this week.

How is that possible lol?  I've played right around 600 games but it's taken me close to 3 years.  When I played in other people's game i was winning about 20% of the time since hosting my own games I win probably about 55-60% of games.

How in the hell can people be winning hundreds of games in a single week?  Even if your game only lasted 15 minutes that's something like 75 hours of doing nothing but playing Risk....and WINNING.  And 15 minutes is the shortest Risk online game I've ever played where I won.  15:26 to be exact. 

Most games I win take much longer.  If each game they're winning was even 30 minutes that's damn near a whole week of doing NOTHING but playing Risk.

Stats like that are why when people brag about rank or say they don't see cheating I just laugh.  There is no way you can hundreds of games in a week legitimately .  It's IMPOSSIBLE unless you're playing against yourself or maybe bots or 1 on 1 against a complete idiot and even then winning 300 games in a week would be next to impossible.

So if there are people out there going through the trouble of playing hundreds of rigged games to increase their rank I absolutely believe someone would hack the game if possible.

There are, of course, players who are ranking off their alt repeatedly and so have that many wins - but there are also REALLY fast games, like 5-round-rumble 1v1s that last 10 minutes and fast capital games. 

But of course the top 50 or so in that list you're referencing are singleplayer-only players who do speedruns or are trying to do records or having fun with AIs.

 Do those fast games count?  I thought rankings and the leader board only reflected "Global Domination" results.

I never play any other offshoot versions of the game so I'm unfamiliar with them. 

No, the "most wins" leaderboard counts any kind of win, regardless of if it's singleplayer, pass and play, play with friends, or global domination.

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