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Quick question (I'm new to online Risk so apologies for my noobness) When I play it takes a while via PC to place the armies and longer to leave behind a set number using the slider. Its all ok, but I am confused how opponents seem to be able to place and leave behind instantly. Are they using some short cut I'm not aware of, some sort of add-on to facilitate this or is it simply the way the game displays the battles, i.e. waits till the player finishes then executes the battle sequence? If anyone can help explain to me I'd be really grateful, especially if there's a shot cut i'm missing that avoids using the slider.

Playing the game on a phone/tablet the game defaults to placing the maximum number of armies when conquering a country and can be quickly done when going on a destructive rampage. It is also almost as quick to leave the minimum too. Hope this helps. Try it for yourself on a smart device


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