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Error 955

Can Antoine help me please?! For a couple of days now i always recieve error 955 of u open the RISK app. What does it mean?!

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So.... no response in 2 months ahh. That will get my hopes up

Error 955 is a connection issue, try disabling and reenabling your firewall :)

I get the same error when trying to join a game, but! 1 - When I start the app, I get error 904. But the app continues to start up, and I land on the main menu. 2 - I only get these errors when using mobile internet, on wifi it works fine. 3 - The errors only started showing up after I installed Android 10, on Android 9 every thing was hunky-dory (fine). I've checked data-limit, APN configurations, but no joy.....

Yup, this is an internet connection issue, not much to do except use a different connection or data

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