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Hero Longtooth and Ignacio Ward 20 Cooperating

Good day everyone, I would just like to warn you of two grandmasters who are playing together, 'Hero Longtooth' and 'Ignacio Ward 20'. I documented the whole game in pictures below so you can see for yourself. When people cooperate like this , it makes a game incredibly boring. I don't actually care about my ranking, all I care about is playing a good fair game. If you ask me, these two should be novices for the way they played. I should have been gone way earlier in the game if these guys were actually grandmasters since I was only focused on getting screenshots. 1. At the start of the game you can tell they are targetting me specifically (red). 2. Green is supposed to win while blue is getting the beating. 3. Towards the end, all their larger forces are surrounding me while their rear area (the area protecting their territories) is sparsely occupied. 4. I did a short walk around towards the end to confirm my suspicions and I didn't meet any resistance besides the blue buildup in Alaska. *I couldn't add all the pictures with this post, I will attach the to a subsequent post.

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