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Players turning in card matches with only 2 cards

I have a piece of paper and pen and count each players turn and when he should recieve a card and I have noticed on more than one occasion some players when in a jam can turn in a match with 1 or 2 cards. I played someone yesterday who turned in 2 matches in a row and immeadietly attacked until he was to thin , I took him out and recieved 4 more cards after these matches. I count people and some players are able to turn in matches with one or two cards.

You should submit a support ticket on this matter. I have never noticed this happening until now but I will begin watching for it.

I see this a lot. i keep thinking I'm imagining things but obviously not. 

If someone can record a video of this happening we'd happily pay $100 for the first one to send it to us

Use the Google Play app 

Please open a ticket here with the video 

We got a some people saying very weird things happen but we cant replicate it we also ask for videos (for things that happen "all the time" yet we never get videos.

help us narrow this down and we'll pay $100! seems fair?


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