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More confirmed cheaters. And glad I found this forum.

This game has gotten worse. So much worse. What the hell do people get out of cheating? How's this game even fun if you're cheating?


Dragomir-Dragan Blanusa and Red Bravebeard for sure. Looks like either same account or they trade wins. (Luckyluc*33) with the parentheses as part of their name may have been part of it or may have been too naive/dumb to catch on that the other two were in it together.

Same story different day if you want to know how it went down. One deliberately moves out of a territory, lets, in this case Dragan, take over. The designated loser throws their army against me and (Lucky) with no concern for self and moves their troops to act as a second border wall for Dragomir. 

They were both Grandmaster rank so that's what makes me think they trade wins as opposed to one being a pawn--still though, the way ranking works playing 2 players every game (or three), it would be pretty easy to get multiple grandmaster rankings for your various characters. 

This wasn't the most obvious I saw, but pretty close. 

At one point Red Bravebeard only had 1 troop left somewhere in the fog, and the only place he could be was surrounded by Dragan. Dragan let him build the army back up, moved his troops out of the way of one of his borders so next turn Red had another chance to insanely throw his armies against everyone else with no concern for self. Ending of course by moving his troops to a border where Dragan only had 1 army protecting it to ensure me and Lucky couldn't get through.

Then the losers do their little smile faces, that's the worst part, like they knew I knew what they were up to but "haha you can't do anything about it." 


1. Never play against grandmasters. Which sucks 'cause there are probably some really good players out there who it would be fun to go up against, but at this point I just have to assume only cheaters get up there. 

2. When you see this shit report it. Write down the names, go to the SMG report page in-game and as accurately as possible describe the situation. They have emailed me back that they've confirmed linked accounts and they subsequently kicked those players. 

3. I don't know if, and don't think, the "report" function in-game does much. I think you need to go to where you'd report a bug. But do it. It's worth it. 

Little Fortune 19 is using 2 accounts. I just played LF and it was down to me, green, LF, blue, and the red player. The red and blue "players" ganged up on me and the the blue player eliminated the red while the red just sat and fortified.

To clarify a little here, reporting in game as well as in the SMG report page both work. Doing both is the most effective way, too!

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You are doing a good job Team @ SMG.
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