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Is it just me that thinks going deliberately inactivate in a fixed card game is a form of cheating ? It seems the current fashionable strategy at the moment to ensure the remaing armies battle to the death leaving them weakened and picked off to step in having done nothing for 30 to 40 rounds ? Accept that something needs to help when internet connection is dropped but maybe after 2 or 3 rounds the armies would stop accruing points. Not only does this minimise cheating it also means fixed card games can be played quickly as this strategy means the game can go on for hours as the full turn time has to be taken up to ensure this “strategy” is effective !

Yes, not sure why this is happening now but the computer is not taking over like it used to.

Yes every game this happens.. A player goes inactive and then the armies just draft but never attack. This could go on for maybe 40 rounds and then randomly they start to attack. It totally messes up the game.. They should continue to attack. Sometimes they have so much larger numbers and could take out someone who holds a continent, but they don't. 

I believe it is just a bug in the game, not necessarily cheaters. When a player rage quits (usually a novice who is butt hurt at losing a dice roll) and become inactive, the computer steps in but only stays in draft mode the entire turn and loads up all draft armies into one country. They will do this until there are only two players left in the game, at which point they generally go John Rambo on the map. It is in everyone's best interest to team up and defeat AI inactive players immediately after a player quits. There have been multiple posts about this bug and SMG has not acknowledged it yet. This has occurred as of last build (zombies).
Yes it’s ridiculous games last for hours hence more players become inactive and the game becomes a lottery. Have lost interest in playing, sort it out quick please.
The game is completely boring now. When a player leaves the game the computer does not take over and the mass of soldiers they left now become a blockade and it takes forever for the game to cycle thru.

Completely agree, games are taking way longer and second place almost always goes to an inactive player.

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