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Boone stark 4 and browning grandmasters

These 2 accounts cheat everyday. every time I play that account both account are always together. (5 times) smg please kick them both out of this game! Enough is enough! Cheaters=poor losers

I beat that guy and reported him but SMG closed the ticket without taking action. They were probably working on the next update which is supposed to have been submitted to Apple and Google now so I hope they start looking at reports again soon.
Played the same 2 accounts yesterday. They still cheat and haven’t been demoted
Another ticket submitted on Boone Stark 4 and Browning257 today. They will be beginners soon

As a rule I never enter a match with a Grandmaster. I play ascending value, 5+ on Classic so I have an inherent distrust of anyone maintaining GM status.

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