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Is it still possible to be top 500 playing six player progressive?

I used to regularly have my top accounts on the leaderboard but it has been a long time. I’m starting to think that it is no longer feasible to reach the top 500 since the number of very high Elo accounts keeps rising. At least not by playing six player progressive which is my favorite game type and what I’m best at. Maybe I just need to up my game but I’m starting to get discouraged. Or maybe there is another game type I should focus on. I win about 60% of my games (progressive six player) and play beginner or intermediate and up. Is it better to play all novices for easy wins? Seems like any loss would undo a month’s work tho. Do I need to stop playing anything below intermediate? Below expert? Is it only possible to reach the leaderboard though 1v1 and or 4 player? I believe six player games are harder when playing with one of my grandmaster ranked accounts because I find myself being gratuitously attacked in ways that I’m not at lower ranks. In 1v1 attacking is almost always a good idea so the difficulty of the game is constant. Sometimes in 1v1 (fixed) the game will start my opponent off in a great position so that all I can do is attack and try to force a draw by handing the game to the bot player(s). So is 1v1 progressive the way to go or is some kind of four player game best? I’ve started trying the 70% game type but it forces a sixty second timer which I don’t particularly like. Five round games seem heavily skewed toward players with later turns so I’ve avoided that. If you play six player games or are currently on the leaderboard do you have any insight?


I'm new to the app and online forum but I've been playing the board game for years, the problem is that there just aren't reliable friends to play the board game with. With the auto-placement and randomization, along with the statistics of attackers to defenders, I've found 6 player progressive games to be stacked against you, so at most I like 5 player progressive which is probably my favorite and evens things out. I'm not a huge fan of 3 player games and they seem to take much longer, but I'm fine with 4-5.

I don't personally think it's best to play novices for an "easy win" because they might be experts disguised in sheep clothing and a loss will hurt yours more than theirs, just saying. I'd probably say to "try" and play players at your ranking, but that's not particularly easy with the way the game works now but it can be done (it would eliminate bias against the highest ranked player for one, and you have an equal win-loss point advantage).

I'm not currently on the leaderboard though, so what do I know? Lol.

Best of luck man!

P.S. I'll be getting to expert soon, then send you a friend request. I've seen you all over the forums now and I'd enjoy getting into set friendly matches, plus the comradery is what this type of game is for.


what's Elo accounts ? 
There has to be games that give you easy wins and more points. I you play only bots and novices on progressive, yes, you will get points easily and quickly, if you need to max Ranking.
I only play 6 real players, no more than 2 beginners and no novice in a game. So my games take very long and I'm lagging is the low Master ranks between 3,000 and 10,000. What can I say, you should play the game like and measure up against yourself. NOW... if the game you like is maxing Rank, then... I think you should max Rank !!!

Elo is the type of ranking system the game uses. Basically you have a number that represents how good you are and it goes up and down when you play I think 1000 is the starting point for new accounts and 1250 and up is grandmaster. According to SMG you can get or lose about 3-20 points per game. Elo isn’t the same as your rank class and leaderboard position. It’s all explained in the faq here:

I see, ok ok. I didn't know what it was called. tx.

Michael Kinney if you send a friend request send it to Geo Epsilon 13 and or Coral Noble 7 those are the accounts I’m currently using most. I’ve been trying to get some high ranked games going for a long time since SMG doesn’t have filters for rank. There is a thread you might be interested in here: the newest comments are most relevant.
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