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Progress on cheaters

Hi, Well done on making some progress on cheaters. I am not seeing as much of it going on as there used to be. Maybe the cheaters are just being a bit less obvious about it and being subtle about working with two accounts. Not sure if its just me but whenever I am at master status I seem to get picked on in games and soon get knocked back down to Expert. I really cant image how anyone gets to Grand Master

This player is cheating they used red to block other then when had opening red did not take over teritory. Green then put army all in one place and took over green. Was using two accounts to cheat

I have been playing your game RISK for a while. Yes, sometimes I can see if two players are basically one player, and I don’t care about it - but this time I have to complain because these two players are one EXPERT (player username: consuela the raw 4) and one GRANDMASTER (player username: quazz1).

In the image you have the proof. Orange is computer, and I stayed online cause I saw a lot of suspicious moves. Consuela the raw 4 plays for quazz1

Please do something about this. Very very unfair.


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