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Where are the grandmasters

I must have played 3,000 Plus games in the last 3.months that’s roughly 12,000 opponents plus the thousands who join games and leave before they start. In all that time I have seen one grand master and maybe 100 masters Where are they. When’d do they play Do they have to play to stay grand masters or once they gain the status can they sit back

Yeah Grand Master here too - I play v 5 human players on the classic map - I do restrict game entry to experts and above and rarely have to wait more than a couple of minutes to get a game usually a mixture of Experts and masters but always satisfying to see you've beaten another grand master at the game at the end : ) 

Regarding cheaters - I feel it is getting less - I remember maybe a year ago - whenever you had two people or more join from the same country - there was inevitably going to be nefarious sh1t going down....

I've been a grandmaster for years. I've played +2,500 games and I typically win almost every game. I play on the America map exclusively as I know it well. I've rarely played against other grandmasters and the vast majority of my opponents have less than 100 games played (I'm not exaggerating, it's rare that I see someone with more than 500 games played.) I usually play one game a day at the end of the day as a way to relax. If it's a non working day I'll play 2 to 5 games in a day as I love the rush of winning and strategizing. But true, where are all the other grandmasters?!?!
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