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Extra time when forced to trade cards

SMG’s update that gave players extra time when you are forced to trade in Territory cards after defeating another player and winning their territory cards. The extra time given is too much and can give an unfair advantage. If you are out of time you should be allowed to place your troops but not attack. If you have enough time remaining to place troops no time should be added. I really don’t like this new feature.

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True - but when you're playing Risk in real life... there's no time limit is there!

The "I'm Ready" button should be changed to "Press To Start" - it's obvious that many people don't get what to do, so the game starts without them (and we end up playing a Bot in their place!)

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I’m not saying it’s wrong entirely but when it gives one player the opportunity to wipe out every other player in 1 turn I just think the extra time needs to be paired back a little. I do like the Ready confirmation at the start of each match though. Particularly as some players have a six player game and then start the game with only 3 players which feels like they are cheating and having the option not to continue is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t cost you ranking points. Other than that I love the game. Keep up the good work.

Sorry dude - but this is one of the few things SMG did right lol

Removing it entirely would be a bad idea - making it an Option when Hosting a game would be best 

This is a computer game not real life. I assume there is no blitz dice rolling in real Risk either. Should we make someone with 50 troops v 50 roll the dice every time with no blitz. It could be a very long game. I started playing this game because I like it however the parameters of the game have been changed and now I’m not so sure I like it as much.
Just adding on to my last comment. If you think it should be like the board game why even set time limits at all. I try to play 60 second turn games because it allows me to employ a certain strategy and to try and avoid getting wiped out in a single turn especially if I get screwed over by some really bad dice rolls (which I have accepted and have not complained about). I know this is here to stay but don’t use the real Risk board game argument because this is not the board game otherwise get rid of turn times and blitz dice rolls.
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