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Fair Play Rules

Update: Please note that this is an old version of our Fair Play Rules. To view our most recent version, please visit this page:

Fair Play Rules

To clear up any confusion in the community on what constitutes cheating we have the following Fair Play Rules.

  1. Hacking the game, in any way, is (considered) cheating.

  2. Using multiple accounts in the same game (to gain an advantage over other players) is (considered) cheating.

  3. Playing with someone you know in Global Domination is cheating.

  4. Abusing a bug or glitch or knowingly encouraging abuse of these is cheating.

  5. Creating a negative experience for other players, by actions such as spamming excessively, refusing to end games, intentionally disrupting gameplay, delaying gameplay (stalling), or abusing our reconnection system intentionally, is cheating.

  6. Don't play with anyone you know or have external communication with in Global Domination. Use Play Friends or risk a ban!


If you wish to play with people you know please use the Play with Friends mode. If you still wish to play with friends against real opponents, this must still be done via Play Friends. Please use the RISK Community's #looking_for_game feature at 


What happens when a player is reported for any of the above?

The following action will be taken if they are found to have broken these rules; 

  • If the player was (found) hacking, they will be banned from RISK entirely.

  • Although we try to warn new players who might not be aware of the rules, such a warning is not guaranteed. You might be banned by automatic or semiautomatic systems before receiving such warning.

  • Should a player be banned - Their leaderboard position and rank points are completely removed. All games they have participated in for the current season, will have game results re-ordered so that they are placed last. All of their opponents will see this minor bonus.



Q: How do I report a player?

A: Report in-app by clicking on their avatar and clicking on the red triangle icon under their name in the Alliance Window. If you come across any suspected hacking - Create a support ticket at with the names of the players.


Q: Why can't I team up with my friends in Global Domination?

A: We take a "act as you would like to be acted towards" approach here. It is unfair to team up against unsuspecting player who believe they are entering a fair “free for all” game. The ranking system is designed for “free for all” gameplay, not teams.


Q: Will you be adding a team mode in the future?

A: Yes it’s our goal to release a team mode that allows you to play with friends or random allies against another team. No ETA on this currently, but you can find information here .


Q: Will more be done to prevent cheating?

A: Yes, we are currently rolling out a full suite of anti cheating features. Some have already been implemented and it’s logging play now. 

Q: What is the difference between forming alliances with stranger and forming one with friends? 

A: There is a difference between: the informal, temporary alliances forged and broken throughout the game (which, with all its betrayal, is an integral part of RISK) and starting a game with a friend or relative as well as strangers in there. This is intentional ganking and will not be tolerated. If you just want to play for the fun of it with your friends, start a "Play with Friends" game against AI opponents.

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So let me get this straight, you cannot team up against another player, however you can have an alliance. In that alliance you can tell your ally to attack another player. So wouldn't that then be teaming up? So having an alliance would be cheating? Your rules are absurd! Playing with a friend on global is not cheating! I guess you guys have never actually played the actual board game!

The issue is if you are playing with a friend with the intention of teaming up on other people who you do not know, for the purpose of both of you to win the game, is cheating. It is not cheating to under certain circumstances, maintain a temporary alliance with someone who you don't know for achieving a common goal <--- That is part of the game. Yes, when you play the board game you are most likely playing with friends but there is no ranking on a global system involved so it is irrelevant. When you're playing on a globally ranked system with friends to try and come out on top of everyone else who is playing only by themselves, that is cheating.

One way to help illustrate this is imagine you have 4 of your friends playing together in a 6 player game. You all decide that you want to make sure the 6th player, who isn't a friend gets 6th place. So you all gang up on him to knock him out first for the sake of lifting your accounts in the ranks.

If you're playing with friends, play unranked games.

If you and your friend are just playing to win just like anyone else on global, then no one is cheating! If you're playing and you have an alliance with four players and you all decide to gang up on one player, then that is allowed and not cheating so there is zero difference. In global there can only be one winner!!!

my risk player id # 27547758 Ottilia The Brute 18      i really liked your game when i discoverd it on the app store  ,,and  played it allot ,  i have a big family here and i introduced your game to other young family members who really liked it also ,,,it was not our objective to cheat ,but we did want to be able to play together,,once in a while,,i have made numerous purchases thru this game portal for your game of risk global domination ,,and would very much like to continue to play your game fairly and be able to recomend it to others ,,but i would very much appreciate if you would restore my purchases ,even if your going to reset my rateing back to novice // please understand as a family we very much want  to enjoy things together ,,and could if you please progress with the team contest risk version wich has been talked about for awhile--of 2--versus--2 or 3--versus --3 teams ,,so you could stop wasteing time and resourses on game policeing--''i do not control the actions of others but we live in one big household ,,with the same wifi-network ,,a preteen or teen in my household may detect me getting into a one of my multiplayer games and decide to join me // please do not punish --me and my family for simply  trying to have fun playing your risk game--''ok,,obviously  your staff want to keep it fair for all to play it''and i respect that--''i promise i will write down and communicate the online multiplayer global domination fair play policy to the other young family members here to the best of my ability--''but please get that team risk going ''and PLEASE--RESTORE MY PURCHASES I HAVE MADE FOR THIS ID ACOUNT ''?  RESET MY RATEING IF YOU HAVE TO  BUT OPEN UP THE GLBAL DOMINATION FOR THIS LOYAL CUSTOMER AND RISK ENTHUSAIAST..THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION IN THIS MATTER''Sincerly Victor...

I've reported several players who seem to have a speed hack that allows them to attack in a timed game lightning fast! I'm a GM and just played an M who used it--wiped out about 20 territories in like 15 secs! I beat him anyway and I did not report him. The report always comes back with the same--player didn't repeat... even though they did. This hack needs a video or timed account of play to catch. I'm getting tired of these cheaters in timed games--and tired of them getting away with it.

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Ugh. I was GM and fell to master by cheaters. Just played a GM and after several moves it was clear that the beginner in the game was his second account. They both went for me even though strategically it made no sense. So this is how some people get to GM!! BTW- this was fog of war and they both took me out in different continents. Yet they both knew I had a presence in both areas. But clearly they were posturing for taking me out- Not securing continents
I’m afraid the only way you can avoid cheaters is to play 1vs1 and add as many ridiculous bots you want.
We need to have messaging in this game to communicate with other player it would solve friends not being able to play with each other which should be aloud I shouldn't be banned for playing a game with my friend against other people
Yes but the problem is people cheat. I played a game with two friends and they were not attacking each other. This isn’t standard play.
We all know if you play with a friend it is unfair for the rest. Follow the rules
What game in your entire life was there not some sort of alliance one of those two had to lose don't be sad you loss take the loss like a champ whats fair in war lol
I wonder who would win a game, me vs you and your friends? Hmmm no brainer. Think about it

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David, If you want to play with your friends there’s a “play friends” game mode you can use. FYI, thanks

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How do I challenge suspension? I haven’t broken any fair play rule.
Grandmaster here. You all are doomed
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