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Turn Prematurely Terminates

I’m new to playing Risk online but I’m not new to Risk. It’s a great game and I’ve played for many years. However, in recent games I have had my turn prematurely terminated at particularly critical times. This typically happens when I’m about to eliminate a player and seize their cards. The net result is another player is easily able to eliminate the opponent I was in the process of defeating and claim their cards. I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong or some nuance to game I’m not aware of. Is there a limit to the number of times you can attack? Is their a time limit to a turn? Either way it’s really frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions about how to over this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. Robert

There is a time limit on every turn, this timer is set when the game is created. You can see the timer as a bar that is filling at the top of the screen. If it your turn is ending before this timer is filled, please make a support ticket.

- Phillip@SMG

I have experienced this too. I was about to eliminate a player and take his cards, and my turn ended after a few seconds. I have also had games freezing when I am about to win.. this has happened when I was playing a master on one occasion and an expert on another. I suspect that these high ranking players have found a way to reset the game... Cheaters! they should be band from playing 

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