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Ive tried to make a support ticket

I've been trying for 30 min to file a support ticket for a cheater, but it will not go through, it was nicely written with a clear and concise message, but now I'm more pissed then I originally was from the cheating itself - so here's the nut shell version... red is the cheater, purple is his/her pawn. They "fought" for a Lil bit then became the best of friends - leaving their borders open to each other. I didn't attack either of them the whole game but when we were the last 3 they came at me like wolves. Once it was obvious I was defeated the purple player quit allowing red to take the board. The snapshots below will confirm this, even showing that purple had quit. Please do not tell me to make a support ticket for this - I might just break my phone. Just take the information I've given and do something about this. I've suggested in the past that players caught cheating should be reset to novice - and I still stand behind this suggestion. For the sake of the sanity of your devout RISK players, please do something to dissuade this bs

Hi Chris, knocking cheaters back down to novice is exactly what we do :)

I will look into these players. Thanks for the report. Not sure why you could not make a ticket, it may have been something on fresh desks end.

- Phillip@SMG

Yea I'm not sure why I couldn't make a ticket either, I've never had a problem in the past. Sorry for being so abrasive, the aggravation of it all got to me for a moment. I'm glad to hear that cheaters are knocked back to novice, keep up the good work :)
Wow. A reply from SMG. I envy you, Chris currie!
Same sh*t happened to me. The cheating, not the ticket. I did make a ticket about it. Still pissed off like hell about the cheating. Nothing will bring closure to me except seeing 'Jules the Petite 7' (and maybe even his/her sockpuppet pawn) brought down to Novice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@SMG was wondering what your conclusion was about this matter, if yall have come to one yet that is. I'm curious
Ever since then last update you have made the game more difficult. I only play 3 players with the computer. I like to play a quick game, but you insist on making it harder and getting me mad and playing longer! Why?! The Easy game should be just that EASY! Pissed off in Akron! 
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