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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Jason , I just got word back from SMG, they told me they recently updated their cheating detection software, and that i was 1 of 2 false positives, that he had discovered. They gave me the premium pass for free as an apology. I am guessing it falsely can detect when it looks like cheating but isnt. For example, sometimes an opponent is nice to you for who knows why, or gangs up on another opponent but never attacks you in order to even the game out. I recently won a game that way, and it probably looked like cheating, but the guy that was working with me, i didnt was a non -alliance was just an unspoken agreement cause we were both way behind the leader, so we worked together to both weaken the leader. I was getting really pissed at SMG, but i take back what i was about to say. Thanks for the premium pass! Thanks for the great app and trying to crack down on the ACTUAL cheaters is great work!
David, I'm glad it's all settled. And I'm glad they're trying to find who they need. I wish you good luck in the upcoming games. You deserve it.


If you really think men are coming at you you can change your name and your avatar.

I know on my settings page there's an option to "change name".

I really doubt anyone is going after you because of your sex, that's just in your head.

like I said, I play on a small IPod, 95% of the time I never even look at the player profiles except to check out rank and find out who didn't confirm and is a bot.  I never would even notice whether they're female or not and your name "Lorilemhar" doesn't sound feminine, it took me a moment to figure out it's just your name with no spaces. 

Why do you think someone would go after you just for being a female?

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