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What Are Your Troops Defeated/Lost Stats ?!

I am at Master level and win more games than I lose - so I should have more kills than losses... but not according to SMG lol!


You can lose more troops than you kill and still win. Add to that the times you lose and stats like that are not unreasonable.

Well, Yes and No dude... taking everything in to account, a 20% disparity is goes way beyond what is mathematically reasonable!  


Troops defeated 19410, troops lost 28540.
The stat seems a bit crazy since I have a 97 - 85 record at the moment ;)
I'm not sure how you can lose 60% vs 40% of the troops unless you mostly attack with 1 vs 1 and get attacked 3 vs 1, the former I almost never do. Or it's plain bad luck. Let's see how this looks after 1000+ games.


I don't know if this is enough plays to be statistically significant. But it is frustrating.
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