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Let's talk about the lowest life forms in Risk

These are the "Masters" that advertise a six player game and then trap you into a game with them and two computer "experts" as soon as you click in. We need the ability to block hosts.

Josh, if you are getting ganged up on my novice then simply create your own game, and kick novice/beginner players until you get 4-5 intermediate/expert/master players. If everyone is of similar ranking then no need to target anyone because of their rank. Doing what you stated above is a dick move. Don’t change game conditions then trap someone in a game. That’s ridiculous.
Josh, still not cool to trap someone into a game under false pretense.

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I couldn't disagree more...maybe your rank is lower so you don't understand what happens. If you are expert or above you are a target. I got to master and every game you have 3 to 5 players targeting you. The only way to avoid being targeted is to add the computer players. It is a stupid system because if done right nobody would know my rank and we just have 6 seemingly random people playing a game together. I started a new ain't just to see if I would win more often from novice and I won every time until I got to expert. Then you get ganged up in and it is ridiculous...not fun at all

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Never enter a game with eissa84. Additionally players are immediately deleted and you find yourself against them and two computers. Worst person ever.
Or give u a chance to leave if it's not the same game conditions you joined for.

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