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How do I play against higher level people?

 I have a question for the group. Is there a way that I don't know about to only play against higher level people? I find the friend list thing to be useless because I've never been able to start a game that way. I'm a Master level and whenever I create games I end up playing against novices, beginners and intermediates. Sometimes higher level players, but not often. Is there a secret club or something? My name is Fitz the Loyal 5, so reach out to me if you can. Thanks.

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I have the same problem and as far as I'm aware there is no secret club to join. I have two accounts one Master the other Grandmaster but it can be challenging to move up the ranks without a way to consistently play against high level players. It only makes matters worse that I prefer to play five or six player progressive games because that further dilutes the pool of high ranking players for me to play against. Maybe someone should start running high rank games at regular times but it would be difficult to spread the word.

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How do you get a higher level because I have stayed a novice for like 2 months and I have been winning games. I also notice my rank is getting worse when I win games.

Hi all,

We are trialling a new forum Looking for Games. We would like players to use it to try find players of similar rank to play against until we have in game options for it.

Give it a go.


- Phillip@SMG

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I am now trying to create a group of expert or higher players who play high ranked games together. See for details.
Seth, probably the wrong thread but do you leave games you're not winning when you realise you can't win? I notice many good novices doing this that otherwise may have come second. Because they leave however, they end up fourth or fifth and therefore lose ranking points instead of gaining off the second place.

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I can't count how many times I've won when it looked like I was out for sure. Just stay in the game and have multiple strategies ready.

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