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Dice Rolls

I have noticed since the new update my dice rolling percentages have dropped . On my data my chances of rolling a one have increased by 2% is this the same for everyone ? On one occasion I attacked with 25 troops to 1 and lost, on others I lose large numbers of troops to players with less troops and my ranking has nose dived.

Yes, I have  been in contact with support about this issue and they have acknowledged that this was a glitch in the 1.9.36 release. They say they have remedied it as of the latest release that came out today, so hopefully this should no longer be a concern.

Has that newer update actually been released yet (I don't see it in the Google Play Store yet)? Getting sick of loosing 20 to 4 battles against the AI, whereby the defending AI doesn't loose a single troop :(
Not in my updates, I emailed support this morning and got a load of waffle about it doesn't have much effect on the game, but I pointed out to him my son chances of rolling a six have increased while my chances of rolling a one had increased so my chances of winning are very small. I was ranked 1,050 last week now I'm 30,000 the game is unplayable. In end support surgessed I took up chess as I doesn't include a dice and the elements of luck that's customer support services from Phillip cheers SMG
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