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Ai bias

Ive just played 3 games each of whichcontained AI players. On each occasion as soon as the player became an AI suddenly they become invunerable to attack. I actuallyhad a situation where i played 12 armies to 1 and lost every single one!! I have been playing this game for months and this is always the case. As soon as a player becomes an AI it gets equal or better dice. If a player drops out it should be frozen not replaced with an AI becausefranlly they ruin the game

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Check your dice roll percentage on your page, my percentage changed after new update they all used to be 16% but now my chances of rolling a one have increased to 18 % I attacked one player with 25 troops to his one and still lost.

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I have also noticed that if an AI takes over for a player and there are not many troops, it won't attack and yet still gets a card. SMG, please respond regarding this issue.

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I too have noticed AI getting cards without attacking. Also I have had AI attack me on a heavily defended country, while ignoring an open and weak country with a more strategic spot... why would this happen? Not once but over and over

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There are definite strategies for defeating the bots. I can't call them AI myself but they have got a bit more astute. I do have my own ideas of how to improve them even further but don't want to give away my secrets for success in an open forum!!

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Is it just me or does the AI single people out? I know it's not just me. lol. I see it happen all the time. Sometimes I've been the beneficiary of this and other times the victim of it, but it definitely happens, especially at the end of the games.

Also, for fixed card games, I'm not really a big fan of the AI dropping all of it's bonus troops in one spot...That really sucks for the person who winds up getting attacked or loses their continent because of it. 

People really shouldn't win or loose based entirely on the whims of the AI, but more often than not, that is what happens. The AI should be at least somewhat fair in who it attacks and why it attacks. 

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The AI does not single people out, but it does have a tendency towards certain directions and behaviours. e.g it will prioritise trying to gain continents and stop others from holding continents.

- Phillip@SMG 

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Sometimes it seems like the AI singles out a person, I have see. It act in a manner totally illogical, allowing a person to hold a continent that it could easily take and then attack another person that did not appear strategic wiping out a majority of its Armies

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It might be trying to stay in the game. Finishing 2nd can be very good. It's important not to leave games even if your position is hopeless. I try to ally with busted human opponents and will defend them if they hold true to an alliance. I will attack if an ally gets too powerful though (that's the game, right?!). I often come out on top due to tenacity not due to mystical powers! As a GM, I only play 4 player games with 2 expert bots so my opinion is limited to my experience with expert bots. They sometimes get better tactically so it's important to be able to switch strategy and be flexible! See you in the game I hope!

Thanks for the reply Phillip.  This may have to be one of those situations where I'm going to stubbornly cling to my belief, despite assurances to the contrary. I play at least one game a day and I'm POSITIVE that the AI singles people out at the end of the game.  I'm sure it's true that they are not specifically programmed to do that, but whatever they are programmed to do, the result is that they wind up single people out at the end of games. 

As you mentioned, they have a tendency toward certain directions (This is definitely true). Well, toward the end of the game, if you're the guy in that direction then you are the one who gets attacked (even if your opponent is more venerable). Even if you're able to fight the AI off, it will continue to attack "in that direction." The end result is that the AI is only attacking one person and not attacking the other person. 

More specifically, I can definitely say the AI has certain territories that it will ALWAYS attack and other areas it will NEVER attack (so long as there is more than 1 troop guarding that area.) Toward the end of the game, this will always result in AI bias against one player.  Of the two maps that I play, I can easily tell you the areas where the AI will always attack and where it will never attack. When I say always and never I mean ALWAYS and NEVER, regardless of how unguarded or guarded the areas are. The AI tenancies to attack these areas or not attack these areas, FAR outweigh their desire to conquer a continent or to attack one.  

I wish this was something that could be fixed, but, regardless, I do love them game =] 

Another thing SMG needs to fix

My current experience with AI is that they attack whomever is weakest. If one player is becoming overwhelming it would be logical for the other players to band together long enough to cut him down to size. But the bots attack the weaker players, speeding up both of our demises.

Ive had AI comp player chase me around a board while the other players are busy being anal with their fortifying



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