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Going Inactive

Of all the cheating that goes on in this game the most infuriating (because it must be so easy to fix) is players who go ‘inactive’, letting the AI take over for numerous turns and giving the impression they have quit before suddenly returning after the AI has improved their fortunes. I realise people lose connection occasionally and need to return to games but players disappear for 10 or more turns before miraculously reappearing after the AI has won them a continent. Come on SMG, surely you can fix this one?

You’re kidding right? The AI is completely inferior to real players. I have winning streaks in the 30’s playing against 2, 3, 4, or 5 “expert” computer players in single player mode. You can predict what they are going to do. I used that to my advantage when playing against computer players whether in single or multi player mode. Why would I or anyone else “leave” to let a computer player take over?
Absolutely, the AI is terrible. But for that precise reason if a player ‘leaves’ in a multi-player game and the AI takes over, the AI tends to get left alone in the short term (because it’s not regarded as a threat) and the remaining human players fight amongst themselves. The AI can improve its position and, hey presto, the human player returns to capitalise. If the human player was barred from returning it wouldn’t be an issue, the AI can easily be beaten in the long run as you note. I’ve seen it happen many many times so I don’t believe it’s my imagination!
So you’re blaming the humans lack of skill to play the game effectively? That’s probably true of low ranked players. I take advantage of the situation by directing the AI to attack my opponents. I dont see many of my opponents doing the same. So in that regard the AI is a better player than a lot of humans. How exactly could the situation be improved?
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