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Master and Grand Masters effectively Cheaters

As far as I am concerned anyone one that is master or grand master status is effectively a cheater. I have been playing this game long enough to know that you cannot win enough games in a row to achieve and maintain these statuses. Therefore, we should not have to report users just investigate the playing habits of any user that has master or grand master status. Anyone with this status feels the need to cheat. What makes it sad is that you feel the need to cheat to achieve a meatless status. I just want to have a fair game, my status is not important. So masters and grandmasters get a life. You are a winner in the game but a loser in life. Hahahaha

You’re hilarious for knowing so little about the game. I have played over 300 games and only seen one cheater. I reported them and they were dealt with. I am currently a master. Go report me all you want since there is nothing to find. The fact is you can reach master in just a few games when you do well playing against high level opponents . Eg. no point in playing against a novice. If you beat them you move up 50 spots. You lose to them and you drop about 2000 spots. But if you play against another master you will move up a few hundred or move down a few hundred. You also need to know when to sacrifice your game to play for second. Because second is better than third. People call it cheating because it looks like players are teaming up. I have purposely gone for second place because I knew that it would require herding a bunch of cats against the first place player which usually doesnt work. Pick the right games to play. If you document cheating and report it to support it gets taken care of. It does zero good reporting generalizations here.

I'm a master.  It was a hard slog to get there.  There are definitely cheating Masters and Grannies. I've reported them, and they've been banned for it.  But not everyone at that level cheats.

As pointed out above. going for second, while dickish and resembles cheating,  gets you points.  I don't do it often, but it is effective. 

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