Version 1.17.53 is live!


⚠️ New Speedy Game Modes: for shorter games on the go:
+ 5-Rounds-Rumble: Rush to victory in 5 turns!
+ Percentage Domination: Whoever rules 70% of the world, wins!

⚠️ Game Filtering:
+ Chose type and rules of games to join!

⚠️ Extended Game Setup:
+ Customize the type of game you are hosting!

⚠️ Many other enhancements:
+ Stability improvements
+ Anti-Hack/Cheat code (new ban hammer also purchased)
+ Memory Optimizations (works on iPad2 now!)
+ Performance Tweaks
+ Blitz Dice rolls Fixes
+ Additional bugfixes

Note: During the roll-out process there may be some connection errors as users with the old version update.

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What is the objective of five round rumble? Most territories? Troops? Something else?

The objective of five round rumble is to have the most territories within five rounds of RISK. There is a percentage indicator at the bottom that shows what percentage of territories each player has. In the case of a draw then troop numbers are considered. 


Do game results of the new game formats effect overall ranking and stats or are there other stats in the works?
Hi guys, Some nice ideas on the update but I think for the next one you need to invest time in improving the coding for the computer artificial intelligence. At times the computer armies do very unexpected things, such as taking a continent/ attacking from a continent they already hold but then not defending one frontier to that continent at all. Other times a computer army will hold a territory next to a continent that has a frontier with only 1 battalion and not attack through it. Worse still, there are some games where one computer army doesn’t attack anything at all for go, after go, after go and then goes on a mental rampage after about turn 12! This is all totally misrepresentative of how a human player would play, can’t be anticipated with initial set up or in game tactics and quite frankly spoils the user experience. It’s all very well introducing fancy new game formats but if the basics don’t work properly you’ll end up alienating long standing players. I for one know of one player (Grand Master status like myself) who is wary of playing until these bugs have been fixed. Thanks for reading, Alex
I just noticed that with the last update ALL of my friends in my friend's list are gone... the list is totally BLANK! WTF???
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