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New Dice Algorithm / True dice rolls

Game does not use true dice roll probabilities. Many, many times I've had 97-99% chance to win and dont.

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How about instead of giving out free premium accounts you guys use a solid algorithm? 

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And remove "true dice rolls" as "Implemented"....

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Transition Matrix approach is the worst because 10 armies vs 2 in a 3-dice vs 2 usually wins in successive independent events. Witb the TM, they weight the outcome by 2/10, which means 20% in a [0 1] indep. uniform random number multiplied by 2/3 will win 12% or 1/8 of the time. The move uses 1 random number and is conputationally cheaper for their server. Its a money thing for them. It would cost them more time (money) to represent Blitz accurately.

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No random number generator is truely random when implementing a linear congruent algorithm. Its "pseudorandom" with a very long stride or repeatability. Refer to Knuth Numerical Computing. Now that being said there are processes in nature that people use as a truely random process. Radioactive decay for one, and quantum computing. A process is considered Markovian in that the next state (j+1) is only dependent on the current state (j). The Trandition matrix approach is part of a stochastic or random probability for the next state. It might not mean much difference for a single transition but over a million or so trials the error rate is unbiased as 1/sqrt (n-1). I would think if they put it all up on the cloud it eould be ok to roll n independent random numbers vs 1 rand num for the TM. Im only doing Blitz on linited basis now.
I was under the impression that the dice rolls were calculated locally via the device. I believe this because it's possible to lose internet connection, continue rolling and then suddenly find yourself backed up to a previous point where you had already rolled through and have to do it again when it reconnects.


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Its not the dice rolls thats the problem. The problem is tbe Blitz Transition Matrix probabilities that utilize tge spe ific random number to test against the predefined probability for each transition. SMG has defined the probabilitu for each transition.For example a 10 vs 4 transition probability has been defined as x. If the uniform ra dom number is less tgan x, then its a fail. The issue is their choice of the value x. They need to have a more accurate Transition Matrix.
"Implemented" yeah friccin rite!! You've been exposed for being cheap SMG. Apparently the matrix system they use is cheaper than having true dice rolls, that explains it!
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