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New Dice Algorithm / True dice rolls

Game does not use true dice roll probabilities. Many, many times I've had 97-99% chance to win and dont.

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It may also be worth noting that they said they now have a system in place that records highly unlikely outcomes so they can keep track of how often they are occurring in actual gameplay. This means they are at least not blind to the results their new algorithm is producing and should hopefully be able to asses things and adjust accordingly.

Has that newer update actually been released yet (I don't see it in the Google Play Store yet)? Getting sick of loosing 20 to 4 battles against the AI, whereby the defending AI doesn't loose a single troop :(
Dunno, I'm on iOS. Version is 1.10.38 released on March 30th.
Hmmm... seems that they are slow to release the update for Android. That being said, Just an update, currently three 6-player single-player games on the previously mentioned device: 1 = 27% 2 = 14% 3 = 14% 4 = 14% 5 = 14% 6 = 14% Nah, nuthin' to see here, move along...
So I feel dumb but i just realized that a bias towards 1's actually benefits the defender since they win on the tie. It doesn't even matter which number is more likely to appear. As long as the algorithm is defective, it benefits the defender. So right now, an aggressive player on Android is gonna have a tougher time against an Apple device player, since rolls are calculated based on the attacker.


Yep. After one game I rolled each number on the dice the EXACT same percentage. No way in hell that would happen in reality. Just because you have the same chance at getting any number on any roll, doesn't mean you will roll each number the same number of times. The random element is missing.
Yes I was playing with a friend and it was something like 15v4 and she lost all but 4 of her troops of this was an actual battle she would have like 12 left
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