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New Dice Algorithm / True dice rolls

Game does not use true dice roll probabilities. Many, many times I've had 97-99% chance to win and dont.

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Awesome. We'll wait 2 years or so and maybe get it. :)


 I prefer 5 min games, although 3 mins is usually enough to kill 5 players in one turn. The problem is less people seem to want to join 5 min games.

I believe Hasbro is the name of the company who had it before SMG. I don't know if they merged or if SMG just got the game from them but it was maybe a year ago when this happened.


 So I just wanted to show everyone that this game is clearly altering rolls in favor of GrandMasters. Here are the screenshots to prove it. 666 games and only 15% rolls on 1's!!!!! Obvious flaw in the SMG dice algorithm. I've had this account since before SMG changed the code and it was all 16% until they changed it. Now I'm rolling a lot more 6's, 5's and apparently 2's. Fix your code SMG! Grandmasters don't deserve an advantage over everyone else lol

Yes grandmasters have their rolls skewed away from 1's but it isn't an advantage because everyone else's rolls work that way as well.

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There's one way to find out if it's offensive and defensive together. Make 2 accounts. Make one single roll on each, record the rolls for offensive/defensive, then check your dice stats to confirm. Anyone got time to confirm this? I'm curious if your stats are only what you roll (yours + defender), only your offense, your offense + your defense.


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