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Faster token refresh rate, limits and token bonus


IDEA: adjust tokens and refresh rate. For example

- Increase refresh rate of tokens

- Set higher limit for max tokens allowed.
- Award bonus token for online win (max. allowance per day)

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Also, I believe they added the token and premium system for a reason as well, though probably mainly for revenue (hey man, they've got to make money SOME way!). However, I also think that it is kind of ridiculous adding the token system to the SINGLE PLAYER option, because, how does that make any sense at all????? If you use a token to do a SINGLE PLAYER match, you literally have to wait another 8 hours or so to regen that ONE token (also needs to be changed, the wait time is a bit ridiculous), which is really not worth it. However however, if they do decide to abolish the token system in the single player mode, they would probably make it so that you earn a decreased amount (or none at all) or experience points, which does make sense.
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Of course, if that is what you think, and many other people agree with you, I am sure they will add that. However, I think you posted that in the wrong discussion section, and also, I was just trying to tell you there are some good reasons as to why things are as it is.
They could be making so much more money if they didn't have tokens. Your game isn't good enough for people to want to buy. First of all how do you expect people to buy it when they only start with 3 tokens and while they are in game you can lag out or crash? I played it and quit after i came across a server error playing for first time. I couldn't play for another day. I wont play your game again until you fix tokens
The token system needs to change. Game crashed, lost 2 tokens and now can't play for entire day. That's not fair or reasonable in my opinion. If the game losses connection and crashes, the tokens should be automatically refreshed, so you can play. It also shouldn't affect your rank, but that's a whole other discussion.

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They make sure that the game can't differentiate between a crash and a quit because it saves them money. Also, they've made it more difficult to level up in the rankings.
100% agree to this!!!!
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