PSA: Christmas Holiday Period

Hey everyone,

We will be out of office over the Christmas break. We may duck in once or twice to see how things are going but full support will resume the 8th of January.

I have left a general troubleshooting guide below in the meantime, to guide you around some possible issues you run into.

Lost your purchases?

Android -

iOS -

The Game is crashing consistently?

Check that you do not have any apps running in the background. If you do, close them all and trying playing RISK again to see if that helps.

Getting kicked out of games during Validation?

We have recently added a confirmation button in the form of “Ready?” During the countdown. You need to tap that button or you will be kicked out.

Can’t Update?

iOS - Check the updates tab on the App Store

Android - Clear your google play store cache and check the RISK google play store page again

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