Version 1.16 Live!

What's new?

- Game Confirmation!

At the start of every online match, there is now a 10 second phase where you must tap the "Ready?" button. This does not apply if you are the match host. We have added this in order to create an environment where players are much less likely to loose tokens by exiting at the wrong time, or be taken into games they do not want to be.

Keep this in mind when joining games or you will get kicked out of the match as the confirmation phase ends.

- Forced trade-in of cards now grants additional time in your turn

- Increased stability throughout the app

- Fixed issues with pirate maps when playing the German version

- Less "waiting for host" situations

- Additional minor bug fixes

Happy Holidays everyone.

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When kicked out it still classes as a loss, and ranking points are removed. Please confirm this is a bug in the update? I have raised a ticket. Many thanks

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I've had the same issue. Out of curiosity to see how this new system worked, I clicked to join a game on 3 separate occasions but didn't press the 'Play' button on any occasion, meaning I didn't actually join the game (that's the whole point of the update, right?). I then played a 4 player game (properly joined), came second but when I checked my ranking I had dropped from 344 to 504!! This means the system has registered me as playing the 3 games I never actually joined, counted them as losses and stripped me of ranking points I never had the chance to defend. If that's your idea of an improvement, then think again. The old version of the game had little bugs but this version is shocking!!

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the time extension sucks. you should nit give full time whenever someone eliminates an opponent. if its at the last second give them 5 seconds to place their forces. giving new fresh clock makes it easy to eliminate others and run the board. not fun at all to sit back while someone gets multiple turns in a row.

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Hi developers, 

Firstly thanks for your quick and understanding reply, I really appreciate that you take my opinion and suggestions in a fast and smart way,

Well, let's talk about the CRYING NEED of another update:

1- Dice: Yes you're right and I've noticed that playing without Blitz has the same algorithm as before, which is a good thing. And your advice of playing without Blitz is functional, but honestly guys It can't work in a certain phase of the game: when we're playing with 50 troops to attack 3 countries having 10 troops each and maybe attacking someone else quickly, you can't use the dice without Blitz, which makes the game much less challenging and surprising.

2- "I'm ready" button. Guys, I've played around 10 games since you've launched the update, and ALL OF THEM had players that forgot, missed, misunderstood, didn't check, haven't seen your button. All of the games I've played where uninteresting because there are always bots in them, and it ruins the game. 

I understand why you did that, you want new comers to enjoy the game and not be frustrated because they will spend their 2 tokens that they can have every 6 hours, so they might buy the game. 

But guys, the new function is a pain in the ass for all the people who already bought your game, and you're trying to "help" new comers to enjoy so buy the game by worsening the experience to all the people who have bought your game.

It really doesn't work and I and my friends haven't enjoyed playing the game since your last update. Which means that if it last too long, we might never play this game again, so we won't recommend it to anyone around us. Business wise that's a bad move. 

Ok, so after my opinion, here are my suggestions: 

1- For the dice, just come back to the algorithm you got before until you've found a good new one. It shouldn't take long

2- "I'm ready" button, one of my friend told me you should do the same system as COD II, I've never played that game online, but the system is: host launch the game with all the other players, if one of the guest withdraw from the game, then everybody is aware of it, the timer stops, and the host has the time to wait for other players. 

By no means, we should be forced to play with bots, as we "us" bought the game , and you want to interest "them" to maybe buy it.

I always host my games and never play with "Novice", cause a lot of them haven't really understood the rules and dynamic of Risk, and for the other part it's the first time they try the online game, so first new comers could destroy an interesting game.

So my last 10 games were only with minimum "Beginner" level, some Intermediate, some expert, it ALWAYS happen that I have 1 or 2 bots in the game. So it means: even people who are used to the game don't realise they have to press the "I'm ready" button, so if that's true, then try to imagine how many fist time player don't have a clue of what they have to do.

If you can't change the code of the game quickly, PLEASE, go back to your old system, where every players were included in the game and if they want to withdraw and quit the game, then they will have to lose their 2 tokens, or their rankings, until you found a new system that is acceptable and beneficial for everybody.

Really please, do something soon cause I will loose interest and stop playing your game soon if you don't fix it really soon, and I don't think i'll be the only one.

A message from a fan of your game but who might quit playing it soon if the updates is not fixed soon.

Thanks for reading guys.

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I also agree with Jmk Cc, time extension should give a few seconds more to have time to place new troops but not a full time renew.

Sweet merciful crap. I’ve played about 10 games since the update... looks like SMG took a big dump all over this game. The ‘blitz’ dice suck worse than before. And a new feature that automatically adds expert level bots? Seriously? I’m gonna start a GoFundMe account and donate the proceeds to SMG so they can get some funds for actual devs, BA’s, and testers as well as a source code product and maybe shooting for the moon - a dev and test environment. I’d like to hope that this last update was due to a lack of resources and not incompetence.

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So whenever your update went through, attacks seem to rarely ever work. An 11 on a 2 and I won't kill a single troop. Or worse a 35 on a 7 and he'll lose 2 troops or something to that extent. I lose the vast majority of my troops just trying to attack opponents. Yes sometimes I understand this can happen from time to time, but yesterday I lost almost 2000 spots in ranking because none of my attacks would work. Are you punishing high ranking players by making their attacks less effective? It's the only logical answer I can gather. It makes the game very frustrating, and I'm considering just deleting this app. Btw I used to love this game and told many of my friends to download it as well. I have been grandmaster status for a long time, and now I have been regulated to master because of this. I just don't understand how these algorithms work.
I totally agree. I played a game on Sunday which was impossible to win. The novice won every attack. I lost troops each time. He cashed in for 12 every time he had 3 cards, I had to wait for 5 cards before cashing in. Comps didn't  attack him. Never use blitz as that is flawed. The last update has ruined the game. Its a nonsense that 1 loss takes between 25 and 40 wins to regain the same ranking position. Real shame as I used to love this game too, played over 700 matches.


I also have over 400 hours played, as well as 795 games. I have played risk most of my life, and I understand a lot of the game is determined by chance when it comes to rolling dice; however, large armies of troops constantly failing to kill 1-2 troops makes this app completely unrealistic when it comes to percentages of chance. It is extremely frustrating.

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Yes this game is a fraud. I have been playing for a couple years. And it's a crock. I do not recommend this game at all I am going to leave my feed back a big negative in less they e mail me an apology. This is very sad to see such professional people not take control of cheaters and hackers.
Cheaters, Hackers, mod down loads. I have been playing over 3 years now. Complete trash game. Refund my money. I have left E mails to contact me. Or to call me with no success. Lame. Not professional atball of a business. I gave your game minus 5 stars on review. Take a look I down loaded a mod so I could make it happen. Now I feel like a Grand Master pulling one over on you. HAAA HAAAAH
Waste of time
Not professional
Save your time and money
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