Version 1.16 Live!

What's new?

- Game Confirmation!

At the start of every online match, there is now a 10 second phase where you must tap the "Ready?" button. This does not apply if you are the match host. We have added this in order to create an environment where players are much less likely to loose tokens by exiting at the wrong time, or be taken into games they do not want to be.

Keep this in mind when joining games or you will get kicked out of the match as the confirmation phase ends.

- Forced trade-in of cards now grants additional time in your turn

- Increased stability throughout the app

- Fixed issues with pirate maps when playing the German version

- Less "waiting for host" situations

- Additional minor bug fixes

Happy Holidays everyone.

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They promote cheating
They allow hackers
They allow hackers
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It's really to bad
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