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Name and shame the cheats - no discussion just list the cheats

Two to start: Meg - an Annie the rugged 3

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Grandmaster MMMMMMMMMMMOMO and JOSEPH BAYONETTE 14 Are 100% the same player!!!!!!! CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT. If you CHEAT you haven’t won anything!!!!
Grandmaster MMMMMMMMMMMOMO & JOSEPH BAYONETTE 14 Are 100% the same player.

Ahmed Haider

De seje Kaier is his/her collaborator.  Ahmed uses De seje to eliminate oppo.  Then De seje does nothig whilst Ahmed simply rolls over and wins

Huey borin 13 can duplicate troups he had 32 and double when reinforcing and again from 62 how do I report this?
Arthur Win14 and Luis Win14, both masters.
MWV7777 and Herve longsword14, both experts

All of the following players are very likely cheaters:

Grandmasters— Dider A. Rodriguez, Cherry Cisco 7, and Guillermo Guio Guzman
There shenanigans start at but continue until around 3:48 when they give up on my game.

Masters— Nathalie Lindenhoven, and Dawid Gasiorowski

Grandmaster and Expert — Tony Flintlock 10, and ?Michael
and again at

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BTW Tony Flintlock 10 is currently ranked #90.

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I too can confirm that Joseph Bayonette 14 and mmmmmmmmmmmomo as 100% cheaters.

"Esther Long Hair 6" 

.. and  

 "And Kevin-Kostnix"

todd_7272 Grand Master with his dummy player Marvel Defiance .
‘BigDsmart’ Hacker AND collaborator!!! Ban him!!!!!!
‘BigDsmart’ (Massive hacker/cheater)
I’m actually not playing anymore because of people cheating! What a shame I love this game
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