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Obvious cheating occurring between Jordan Mac 3 and either 1 or both of these screen names- Vaughn Mcpunch 4, Vance the Poet 3.

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Kingbrent85, who is a “grandmaster,” is a cheater using two accounts. His other account is Rube The Loyal 8. After all other players except those two and me were eliminated, Kingbrent85 (the red player) captured Asia but left it completely undefended on the border with Rube (the blue player). Despite having a significant advantage in armies, blue did not attack, instead attacking only me. However, although he could have eliminated me, blue suddenly stopped in order to allow Red to get the cards. For the remainer of the game, blue simply did nothing, intentionally allowing red to catch up and then go ahead in armies, and then ultimately to win. It was an obvious two account situation. I am attaching four screen shots showing Blue’s numerical advantage and Red’s exposed borders, but Blue just laid down.
Thank you all for your support and understanding. I really didn’t want or expect my initial post to go that far. I truly think that Tyler is actually Abraham because he showed up out of nowhere to begin his hostile attack on me. Anyways, I’m done with him. I will continue to laugh at any future posts from Tyler. Thanks again for all your support! Susie, please send my appreciation and adoration to your father and brother for their service to our country. That’s something obviously Tyler has never nor will ever experience. Regardless, send them a “ Semper Fi “ from me.
Tyler, you can't stop being a jerk. Bryans307, like I said before, just ignore him and don't give him the satisfaction. It's apparent that Tyler has nothing better to do. We are all tired of seeing your insults and ignorance on here. Tyler obviously can't see that many people on here are sick of his crap and negative attitude. That's not what this is for so quit using this post to put down people because you think you have a right to determine who is right and wrong. Bryans307 has a right to say what he wants. You have gone Waaay too far, Tyler. I also think you are a little slow because you can't seem to understand that Bryans307 already apopoligized and said he was wrong before you started your attacks on him. Tyler, you do need to get a life!
You need to stop being a jackass Tyler. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by your insulting posts, other than show everyone how much of a jerk you are. Stop trying to bait Bryans307 into a continual argument with you. Tyler, Bryans307 was called a liar indirectly by Abraham, after his initial post and many of us understand why he got so upset from cheaters. It sure seems like you are defending Abraham quite a lot that it wouldn't surprise me if that was you. So again Tyler, stop being a jackass and attacking everything about Bryans307 just because he posted a cheater and was upset at him for doing it. These forums are NOT for you to talk carp to other players. It's meant to list other cheaters so enough of your posts Tyler. Leave him alone and stop trying to bait him into a senseless argument with you. Find something more constructive to do with your time because you are now making yourself look like a fool.
Time to stop now everyone A little advice Dont play in a game with 2 grand masters or a grand master and a master Sorry to anyone who is a genuine grand master but in my experience most gms appear to have 2 accounts
By the way Tyler, calling someone an “a-hole” is foul language, simpleton!
Tyler, you talk about me being a simpleton and not having anything but a high school education. You need to look at yourself. How many times do you need to be told, in order for you to understand that I apologized for those comments I made about Abraham. You really must have rode the little yellow school bus while in school because you can’t seem to understand that. You are using this platform to act like a big shot because I have no doubt you truly have nothing else to do and that’s what a Troll does. You are going around to attack me with your b.s. because that’s what a Troll does. You admit that you are on Xanax. Well I think you need a few other medications to go with that. Basically Tyler, you need to get a life outside of your parents basement. Haaa haaa. Your post on here is truly a joke and stop trying to correct my grammar when you should look at your own. By the way I have a Bachelor and Masters degree. But I don’t need to explain myself to you. Stop sending me your posts. I’m done with your nonsense and I just laugh at your posts. By the way, I know you have trouble reading, but SMG also warned everyone, not just me. Go find another person to Troll! I just laugh at you! You mean nothing to me, nor do your insignificant posts.
LOL. Reading comprehension must not be your thing Bryan. You keep bringing up “foul language”, but Phillip and SMG never said anything about foul language. He warned you to stop being hostile and saying things like “you are a pathetic loser”, and “sorry excuse for a human”. And also, I didn’t use any “foul language” you simpleton. Then you claim you were called a liar, which is why you brought up the military, but NO ONE CALLED YOU A LIAR. Once again, reading comprehension isn’t your thing I guess. You brought up the USMC for no other reason but to defend your very hostile and aggressive posts. That isn’t displaying honor and integrity from my point of view. I’m not deadeye, I’m just a guy that saw someone go waaaay overboard and called them on it. And next time you want to pull out your MENSA card and insult someone else’s intelligence, do better. You said “Sorry if I used to big of words for you to understand that in my past messages.“. Let me help you out with word choice, as it seems you lack any formal education beyond highschool. You meant to say “Sorry if I used TOO big or words for you to understand”. Not only do you not know the correct words to use, your sentence syntax is on a 6th grade level. Claiming someone can’t understand your impressive vocabulary, while simulataneously not knowing the proper words to use in an insult is comically ironic. Thanks for the laugh. PS: I’m prescribed, so Xanex isn’t illegal for me. You really do need to find a way to relax man. Life isn’t that serious. Take a deep breath, realize you are playing a board game as a form of escapism to relax from your normal life, then realize you are calling people pathetic excuses of humans over a board game... does that sound rationale or healthy to you? Seriously man, therapy is a good thing for a lot of people.
Has anyone come across Abed Haidar and LunaticJackalope91 ? I believe they are cheaters to watch out for and is only one person, playing two devices. I just wanted to know if anyone else can confirm this. Thank you very much.
Hi, my name is Susie and I have played Risk for a long time. I often check these blogs to see the names of cheaters. I personally write down the names that I come across to be obvious cheaters. I see a few things in this line of comments made by people, to which, I would like to comment on. First of all, Tyler, you are out of line with your post. I have played against Abraham Deadeye 10 and I am confident that he or she uses two devices in order to win. I appreciate people that post names of players who cheat. So Tyler, you need to stop with your comments you made to Bryans307. They were out of line. Also, my brother and father were and are US Marine veterans so I understand what he was referring to about his integrity. Also, who are you to disrespect a service member that fought for their country. Thank you Bryans307 for your service. So you calling him an "a-hole" was completely disrespectful and wrong. In addition, he apologized for handling it wrongly, so stop ganging up on Bryans307 just to feel a part of the crowd, so to speak. I may not know him, but after reading his posts, I don't think he is a bad guy and I don't think he was using his Military as a means to have a free pass to be aggressive. Just to explain he was not telling lies. So stop being so harassing to people. I really hope you are not Abraham! Everyone has a right to their opinions and feelings. They should not be put down or ganged up on. Bryans307, don't post any negative comments to Tyler or anyone else. It's not worth it. You are a great person, in my eyes and heart for your service. Thank you.
Tyler, you have no idea what you are talking about nor do you know what happened. It was cheating. The one guy had almost the entire board and after he eliminated all other players with both player profiles, he then retreated his men back, when he owned almost the whole map, just to let the other profile come back and destroy him. I’ve seen this before and this happens when you are cheating. Tyler, I would not doubt that you are Abraham Deadeye and just logged in as another email address. Talk about going waaaay too far. You use profane language and insulted me. SMG just put out a warning about this. I mentioned that I am a vet because I was being accused of being a liar and to a USMC vet, their integrity means everything to them. Sorry if I used to big of words for you to understand that in my past messages. Sorry if you have never experienced that kind of honor and personal respect outside of your mothers basement. Also, I even apologized for anything I may of said wrong and admitted that I should of handled it better. I think maybe you should re-read the posts in here. You are just trying to jump on the bandwagon so that you have something to post on here. Please don’t post anything further to me. I don’t wish to have any further correspondence (that means writing) with you. If you had something productive to say, that would of been fine but you just wanted to use profanity and call names. Maybe you take illegal unprescribed Xanax medication, but I don’t and never have so stop trying to push medications onto others. That’s what drug dealers do. I’m not interested in anything else you have to say! SMG: This Tyler person has used profane and hostile language that you have warned about not doing in here. Can you please remove him from these posts. Thank you. I will continue to follow your warning to everyone.
Holy hell. @bryans307... cheaters piss me off too. But the situation you just described is not obvious cheating. If I have an alliance, and it gets down to the final 2, and I am significantly overmatched with no chance of winning, I often throw the white flag and reatreat all my players. I do this to speed the game up and end it, rather than needlessly drag the game out for another 10 minutes. The guy defended himself and just told you to stop crying. And you went waaaaay overboard. Quit the BS about him insulting or offending you. Read what you wrote dude. Being a vet doesn’t give you a free pass to be an aggressive a-hole. Take a Xanax man. Jesus.
I've only ever played against players higher rank than expert who are cheaters. And by cheating I don't mean getting more troops or cards by a code or something. I mean playing with a 2nd device to use multiple players to conquer the map. Obviously when you have 2 people that never attack, and then when it's down to just them 2 they ignore spectators to cover the fact they are humans still playing and didn't quit before game was ended. I challenge any real players to not do this. My biggest pet peeve is people who cheat or need some advantage for games.
Hi phillip@SMG. At no time did I use foul language. I understand and agree with you about not using any foul or profane language against anyone else. Also, my comments were NOT hostile to that player. After reading his comments about me where he called me names, I simply told him what I thought of him. I still feel that way and I think it is wrong for you to single me out in this forum when he said to me “stop Your crying” and “grow up” or “don’t play”. I felt disrespected by his comments and was offended. He also accused me of being dishonest and that is a big problem for a US Marine veteran that holds his integrity very high. Also, I have put through a formal complaint through SMG against this player but still have not heard any response back. Although I probably agree that I could of handled his comments made to me, I don’t feel I was hostile, threatening,or used any foul language. I will follow your comments and will watch any future comments I make in this forum. This still does not negate the fact that he is a cheater and used this forum to make disrespectful comments to me for outing him to make others aware. I apologize for saying some of the comments I said about him being pathetic and things like that. I should of handled that better and I assure you I won’t stoop down to that level again, even if I’m being atagonized by someone like him. Thank you for your time. Respectfully Submitted.

@Bryan307 Please be respectful when speaking to people on these forums regardless of you think of them. Hostility toward other players can have your forum account deleted and possibly your RISK account banned. 

Likewise. to everyone else posting here. We respect you posting the names of those you think are cheaters, but please be respect and refrain from hostile language.


- Phillip@SMG

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