Version 1.9.36 Live


- New alternate World Conquest map!


- New dice rolling algorithm. We listened to your feedback!

- On/off setting for vibration ‘start of turn’ alert.

- Map territory names on/off setting.

- Territories changed from % to number on Player cards.

- Performance and stability improvements for lower end devices.


- Fix for ranking results not being awarded.

- Fix for persistent ‘reconnecting message’.

- Fix for reconnecting when ‘forfeit’ alert is shown, but game visible.

- Fix for taking over opponent controls.

- Fix for losing tokens when exiting lobby.

- Various stability fixes.

- Fix for Add friends mechanic.


- Fix for broken territory link in Arctic map.

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We are looking at a hot fix to the issues with troops not being allocated to the 1st and 6th players in single and online multiplayer games. Thanks for your patience.

Dude the game is way better!!!!!!!!! Also new map I've played before it's awesome !!!! Thanks for all your hard work it's unbelievable so stoked!!!!!

Thanks so much, Carl! The SMG team really appreciates your feedback. –Lee@SMG

I've encountered this problem. Aggravating when I get to go first but now that I think about it, it kind of balance things out better if you are a player going 2nd, 3d, etc. Sometimes the 1st player will have a randomly awarded continent and therefore able to draw extra armies right off the bat with little chance of knocking them out because they can fortify before anyone else has a turn!
I try to select the Avatar "sillouette head with a question mark in it" and all it says is processing... forever it seems. I tried it on iPad Pro, iPhone 7plus, and my AppleTV4, they all do the same thing
There is DEFINITELY something bugged with the new dice algorithm. I installed the game on a different device, created a new game account, and here was the dice stats after one single-player game with 5 AI: 1 - 27% 2 - 14% 3 - 14% 4 - 14% 5 - 14% 6 - 14% There surely is something bugged here.
I can't play with my IOS friends till the new version of Android!! Why???
I just paid for unlimited play and I can't even get thru 1game without being kicked out its not my connection it's either a bug or other players I want my money back as I am not getting what I paid for this is crap. I'm calling my bank n seeing if I can dispute the charge as I'm not getting what I paid for fix this issue n I'll come back
Just an update, currently three 6-player single-player games on the previously mentioned device: 1 = 27% 2 = 14% 3 = 14% 4 = 14% 5 = 14% 6 = 14% Nah, nuthin' to see here, move along...

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More proof that the dice rolling is screwed... it is almost statistically impossible to loose more troops than you have killed when your total win-to-loss ratio is almost 2:1. THAT IS, unless that you are rolling more 1's (or other low numbers) than any other number. I have seen this on two different devices, as well as a buddy of mine telling me that it is EXACTLY the same on his. And the funny thing is, I have NEVER seen anything of the sort (stats as mentioned above, AS WELL AS numerous questionable dice rolls) on ANY of the other Risk games that I play (on any other Android Risk or Risk like game, se8veral Risk dice rollers that I have installed on my tablet, Risk for Windows 95, Risk II for Windows 98, OR EVEN Risk for DOS - *CIRCA 1988*). As a matter of fact, I've been so sick and tired of these problems (as well as the problems when attempting to join a multiplayer game) that just about ALL of the Risk playing that I have been doing for the past few weeks is either the REAL board game, or the old classic Risk for DOS. Come on, SMG, my buddy and I PAID for it, FIX IT.
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