Version 1.9.36 Live


- New alternate World Conquest map!


- New dice rolling algorithm. We listened to your feedback!

- On/off setting for vibration ‘start of turn’ alert.

- Map territory names on/off setting.

- Territories changed from % to number on Player cards.

- Performance and stability improvements for lower end devices.


- Fix for ranking results not being awarded.

- Fix for persistent ‘reconnecting message’.

- Fix for reconnecting when ‘forfeit’ alert is shown, but game visible.

- Fix for taking over opponent controls.

- Fix for losing tokens when exiting lobby.

- Various stability fixes.

- Fix for Add friends mechanic.


- Fix for broken territory link in Arctic map.

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The last update is bugged. The world domination screen goes black. I have to delete the app, reload app and sign in again. All other maps work. Suggestions?
Not just the latest update. I've had this issue for several months and sent a message with 2 screenshots and the error code to the help desk here and they said they'd not heard of it before. But it doesn't happen all the time; and I can't figure the trigger. Anyway, 2 suggestions since I've been dealing with this for awhile: 1. If the game starts and the map is just colors with no names, exit immediately. 2. You don't have to delete the app (at least not on my iPad); if you want to play again, shut of the computer and reboot. Then log back into Risk. Of course, do NOT, select "resume last game." Maybe if enough players have this problem we'll get it fixed!

Just received a new version (today) ... and there are issues!  

@Ken Goldschmidt Remember to send in any issues you see. Its the only way we will know.

- Phillip@SMG

I'm loosing at least one unit when I attack an enemies territories with only one unit positioned! I think when I attack territories with more units positioned, it could be zero losses but if there's one it's always at least one unit loss. Please fix it asap...


agree with dugdidum, It sucks, and real dice don't roll like that. Sometimes yes but not "always".

I also posted a new topic on general discussion, main issue is the one with the dice: surely losing when you're attacking. Second is the withdraw option before the game starts. Game was fun before, not anymore, until you fix that please.

Hi developers, 

I really enjoyed playing risk on a daily basis, with friends or alone, but after the update you made a few days ago, we all find your game less fun and challenging, here are the reasons why :

1- you changed the algorithm of the dice, now as one attacks another army, it's 80% sure you will lose at least 1 army, as if the defender dice HAS to be higher than the attacker at least once per turn. I mean guys, i'm sure you've played the board game with real dice, and you'd realised that often the attacker has more chance to win than the defender, it's not always the case, but I mean generally. These are the normal probabilities of dice, 3 against 2 or either 1, you often beat the other army, which is the challenge of attacking: you think you can, but you're never sure. With your new algorithm, the attacker is almost sure to lose at least the same amount troops and even often more than the defender. That's not the real probabilities of real dice and it makes the game less fun to attack and much less surprising.

2- Now it takes 10 seconds to connect into the game and if 1 player doesn't want to click " I'm ready", then he won't play and a CPU will play for it. That's a pain in the ass to start a game to realise that 1 or 2 of the players won't do anything and there is no challenge. I think you put that update so the last one to join an online game will not be forced to play if he hasn't had the time to withdraw from the game before the host has clicked "Start". It starts with a good idea, as I myself have been caught in a game I didn't want to play, but come on guys, you should have put that option before the launch of the game, so the host could still accept another player, it ruins the game to play with a CPU.

that's not important but I also prefer the color before, more vibrant. 

I really hope guys that you find an alternative and quick update to what I found real problems for a game that was better before, I started to play 3 months ago, and now 5 of my friends bought your game and we play it regularly, we all have the same opinions. I know that 6 people might not be much compare to how many players you could have, but I mean 6 out of 6 having the same opinions on your update, that's something I would care about.

Thank you for reading, and I mean no offence, I'm sure you're trying your best to make this game better, but in this case, we thing it didn't work. 

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