Version 1.9.36 Live


- New alternate World Conquest map!


- New dice rolling algorithm. We listened to your feedback!

- On/off setting for vibration ‘start of turn’ alert.

- Map territory names on/off setting.

- Territories changed from % to number on Player cards.

- Performance and stability improvements for lower end devices.


- Fix for ranking results not being awarded.

- Fix for persistent ‘reconnecting message’.

- Fix for reconnecting when ‘forfeit’ alert is shown, but game visible.

- Fix for taking over opponent controls.

- Fix for losing tokens when exiting lobby.

- Various stability fixes.

- Fix for Add friends mechanic.


- Fix for broken territory link in Arctic map.

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We are looking at a hot fix to the issues with troops not being allocated to the 1st and 6th players in single and online multiplayer games. Thanks for your patience.

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Dude the game is way better!!!!!!!!! Also new map I've played before it's awesome !!!! Thanks for all your hard work it's unbelievable so stoked!!!!!

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Thanks so much, Carl! The SMG team really appreciates your feedback. –Lee@SMG

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I've encountered this problem. Aggravating when I get to go first but now that I think about it, it kind of balance things out better if you are a player going 2nd, 3d, etc. Sometimes the 1st player will have a randomly awarded continent and therefore able to draw extra armies right off the bat with little chance of knocking them out because they can fortify before anyone else has a turn!

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I try to select the Avatar "sillouette head with a question mark in it" and all it says is processing... forever it seems. I tried it on iPad Pro, iPhone 7plus, and my AppleTV4, they all do the same thing

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There is DEFINITELY something bugged with the new dice algorithm. I installed the game on a different device, created a new game account, and here was the dice stats after one single-player game with 5 AI: 1 - 27% 2 - 14% 3 - 14% 4 - 14% 5 - 14% 6 - 14% There surely is something bugged here.

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I can't play with my IOS friends till the new version of Android!! Why???

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I just paid for unlimited play and I can't even get thru 1game without being kicked out its not my connection it's either a bug or other players I want my money back as I am not getting what I paid for this is crap. I'm calling my bank n seeing if I can dispute the charge as I'm not getting what I paid for fix this issue n I'll come back

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Just an update, currently three 6-player single-player games on the previously mentioned device: 1 = 27% 2 = 14% 3 = 14% 4 = 14% 5 = 14% 6 = 14% Nah, nuthin' to see here, move along...

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More proof that the dice rolling is screwed... it is almost statistically impossible to loose more troops than you have killed when your total win-to-loss ratio is almost 2:1. THAT IS, unless that you are rolling more 1's (or other low numbers) than any other number. I have seen this on two different devices, as well as a buddy of mine telling me that it is EXACTLY the same on his. And the funny thing is, I have NEVER seen anything of the sort (stats as mentioned above, AS WELL AS numerous questionable dice rolls) on ANY of the other Risk games that I play (on any other Android Risk or Risk like game, se8veral Risk dice rollers that I have installed on my tablet, Risk for Windows 95, Risk II for Windows 98, OR EVEN Risk for DOS - *CIRCA 1988*). As a matter of fact, I've been so sick and tired of these problems (as well as the problems when attempting to join a multiplayer game) that just about ALL of the Risk playing that I have been doing for the past few weeks is either the REAL board game, or the old classic Risk for DOS. Come on, SMG, my buddy and I PAID for it, FIX IT.
When is the application do to be ready for the market
Ya, the dice are all screwed up all of a sudden. Nee algorithm is broken for sure...constantly seeing all players with like 7vs2 and 7 loses. Opponents too, but it makes the game stupid. I just left a Gabe where one guy had 14 v my 14 + 5 +5 and walked right thru without losing a single piece. That is more than amazing it is stupid. Not fun.

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