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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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 Haven't seen any cheaters for a while. I thought the latest updates might have done something to make it too difficult, but here's another example of multiple account cheaters.

The game was hosted by Henry the  Lion 4 - Expert Level (Red)

Other players were:

Joseph Dagher   - Master Level (Green)

Winston (ah yi) - Beginner Level (Blue)

and myself:

GPlayerKB - Expert Level (Red)

(Screen shot included below)

Red and Green are definitely cheaters, not sure about Blue.

I was lucky enough to be in a good position from start. Due to the random allocation of territories I had 3 of the 4 countires in South America, with decent numbers of troops in and nearby. Within round 1 I had full control of the continent.

Red requested an alliance which I ignored. He then attacked me knocking out much of my strength in S America. I was able to regain it, still with fairly decent strength.

From then on Red continued to all out attack me exclusively. So muich so that I was knocked out within the 1st 5 rounds, without even getting a chance to use any cards. At first I thought he was holding a grudge for refusing his alliance and hurting his army. So when I realised I was going to be knocked out I aimed to let one of the other players finish me off for my cards.

Once I was knocked out I realised Red and Green were deifinitely the same user or working together. Green swallowed up continents without making any attempts to defend. Red had multiple borders with enough troops to take out Green 1 troop and stop Green receiving continent bonuses for America and Europe but he didn't take them.

Once Blue was knocked out Green mopped up the Red territories to win. The game was over within 20 minutes. Without the support of 1 or 2 other players Green could never have usually reached master level playing like that. (Unfortunately I only took screen shots towards the end)

(96.2 KB)
You need to submit a ticket so that SMG can take action. I don’t think just posting on forums is enough. Please submit ticket. I have submitted dozens of tickets on cheaters. It takes some time, but I do it every time because I hate letting these cheaters get away with it. What I really can’t figure out is what satisfaction do the cheaters get out of winning this way??? How is that fun for them?
Thanks I will do that in future

Hi Guy,

I almost always do raise a ticket. Then I post the same details here so that other players can see who the cheaters are and hopefully avoid playing with them.

I have also raised a ticket suggesting ways SMG could improve the ticket raising process to make it quicker. I got a response saying they have some bug/ticket raising developments in the pipeline, and thanking me for the suggestions, but I doubt it is a priority for them.

It took me longer to raise the last ticket, than it took for the cheaters to wipe me off the board.



I've had a reply to my most recent ticket reporting cheater's. Aside from thanking me, the key point of the response was:

"In regards to; Henry the  Lion 4, Joseph Dagher and Winston (ah yi) it was found that they have only played together a few times and often come last. Unfortunately, the game they played against you is not enough evidence to hand down a punishment, however, they have been added into our internal watchlist and we will make sure this does not develop into a common occurrence."

That doesn't seem to match with the Fair Play Rules posted by SMG, found here:

  • If the player has been colluding (offences 2 or 3), first their rank will be reset.

  • If the player continues to collude after a first offence, they may be banned on a second offence depending on the circumstances.

So SMG have records showing they been playing together, aka colluding, on more than one occassion. However, because they don't always win and I'm the first person to report them SMG will not be reseting their rank or punishing them in any way.

Based on what I witnessed of the playing style of "Joseph Dagher" I'm unsure how he could have gotten to Master Level without colluding with others. 

Based on that response, it's not surprising less people appear to be reporting cheaters here on this forum, and presumably via tickets too.

So cheaters, you should realise that spending so much time playing with yourself is really not very good for you. But I no longer care and neither does anyone else, so have it!

Hello, here's Ivan, SMGs producer for RISK.

Let me clarify a few things:

We are really grateful for reports, and we have an internal watchlist. Basically there are some names popping up very often when cheating is reported, and that's when we go for our measure of last resort - banning. In this particular case, however, this was not called for in any way. The players have obviously colluded only ONCE with every other game they have been in together lost by both of them. So either it was just a one-time ganging of other players (still not allowed within our fair play rules) or the worst cheating attempt in history.

One way or another, it was not one player with two accounts (an offense we take much more seriously).

Hereby, deducing a reasonable amount of rank points was the way to go.

If it happens again, it will be severe, and the third strike is the ban.

Having said that, we have introduced a new monitoring system in our last version and will ban from now on much more and for good.


- Ivan@SMG

Hi Ivan@SMG,

Thank you for responding to my comments. I appreciate the additional clarification, especially as it seems to include some material changes to the original response.

"they have only played together a few times and often come last" has become "every other game they have been in together lost by both of them."

That original response sounded like the game records indicated they had only occassionally, but not always, won while playing together against others. According to your fair play rules 2 or 3 instances of this behaviour is enough for their ranking to be reset. The clarification indicates that they have never won while playing together, except during my game.

"not enough evidence to hand down a punishment" has become "deducing* a reasonable amount of rank points was the way to go" (*I believe that was meant to be deducting?)

The original email said no punishment was applied, and the latest clarification says some ranking points have been deducted.

Your latest reply seems like a reasonable reaction to their behaviour. I hope you can see how I felt that the orignal email seemed to be saying something quite different.




Hello Ivan thank you for taking time to respond here. I am glad to see SMG beginning to take more robust action against cheaters. I’ve been wondering though, is anything being done about those who play games with their own accounts exclusively in order to reach the top of the leaderboard? What about inactive cheaters? I appreciate your attention to this thread and SMG’s efforts to enforce fair play.
Thought.....maybe you disable the host’s ability to manipulate who plays , the terms of the game, the number of players....who he discharges etc.... perhaps once a host establishes the ‘rules” of the game, like number of players, AI, level of difficulty and so on....that’s it...can’t be changed... many times also I have joined a 3 or 4 player game and find out that eventually I’m playing a 6 player game which I didn’t sign up for.... and I get bombarded from the all....maybe a good idea? Limiting the host ability to manipulate I think will help significantly
More cheating, ticket submitted: Ber7a1111 (red in this game) is a blatant 2 account cheater. His dummy account is <~Spartacus~> (green in this game). First, the two accounts attacked only others while the border between them remained undefended. See screenshot 1. Then, when red thinned himself out destroying the last real opponent, the dummy account, despite receiving 18 armies and the ability to devastate red, did the telltale move of the two account cheater, placed all its armies in a useless place and then made no attack. That can be seen in screenshot 2. Finally, in screenshot 3, you see the map a few turns later as the cheater has arranged for his primary account to win. Please ban..

Good morning,

I will hand that over to our support team to look into the the stats.

As said, one of the next updates will also bring a direct report button within the game and even more automated scanning systems running in the background. This is definetly the year we hit the cheaters, and we hit them hard.

We have quite exciting plans for tournaments and competitions in the long run, but it doesn't make sense before we get rid of the majority of cheaters.

- Ivan@SMG

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Cheaters on this game is ridiculous...sometimes even couples where 1 i horrible player an does the dumbest things but protects their partners borders...even worse the jerks that wont finish u off after many many turns...obviously u cant cure the cheating scum but there needs to be option to end game wen the final opponent wont finish u off but just keeps reinforcing...

Adding Reese Boomer 9 who is also Ivan Overkill 9 to this list of SHAME.  Arrogant enough to host an Expert and above level match just to improve his score.  

Dear smg studios, f.u. guys seriously I dont play online games, except for this one only. I paid the stupid 5.99 or whatever it was for unlimited play. Im effing pissed off you allow these a-holes to cheat. I want my effing money back. You mf's are just ripping people off. To the f-ing cheaters you guys are bunch of p.o.s., the point of playing this stupid game is being competitive. This update didn't work for sh*t. Give me my money back you f-ck*ng douche bags.
I don’t see much talk about cheaters that actually use hacking to freeze the game long enough to steal several turns. I’ve already been forced to play with computer opponents and one human to avoid the gang up cheaters but that isn’t even safe anymore. The LATEST cheater: Brooks Gumble 5 After watching him destroy my position and freeze my game I actually was able to come back after a restart and surprise him with a Last minute attack. THAT was how strong my position was before he stole three of my turns. By then I wasn’t able to overpower the computer player, but that’s OK. Stay away from this player, report other cheaters or demand your money back
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