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World Leaderboard Algorithm Terrible

This is just an observation for the game makers but the way the Leaderboard is worked out is not accurate of how good a player is. I've been playing this game almost daily in a 6 player game each time for many years now and still love it. My rank has been around 50 for quite some time and looking at the stats of the top ranked players they must be playing only a 2 player game with a repeated system to beat a player. For instance the player Major Major is currently ranked #2 and has won more then 1000 games and only lost 12. They have played twice the games I have yet have only received a 10th of the troops as me. The Leaderboard Algorithm should reward players more playing multiple human player games rather than just x2. What do all other Grandmasters and Masters think?
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Agree completely. It’s far harder to win multiplayer games than two player games. Most Grandmasters wouldn’t have that rank if they actually played in multiplayer games against other high-ranking players. Half the so-called Grandmasters will only play against Novices in two player games, if a decent player joins their game they are immediately dumped out. I’ve also been playing for a number of years in 5 and 6 player games, and can testify that it is very hard to keep a Grandmaster rank that way.
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