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Russian maps

As we all no what is happening in Ukraine is wrong, horrific, sad and impacts a lot of people very negatively. it has ruined family's lives and much more. however does taking our beloved Russian maps away make any sense? lets discuss.

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I agree and signed up for this forum to request these Russia maps back too. I also heartily support Ukraine and have a background in that area. Unless SMG pays royalties to Russia for using those maps I don’t see how it’s anti-Ukraine using them to play Risk. Do we need to cut out these pages in Atlases now? They also happen to be some of the best maps in Risk. The original one is very good for 2 player games and there aren’t a lot of maps as well balanced for that. The newer version is a very good map too. I got to Grandmaster status with about 60% 2 player games on the original Russia map.

Wow Kacey you really do seam like an intelligent guy. I would have to make the argument that although nobody stands with Russia simple maps in an online board game are irrelevant to the issue. and that removing them only shows ignorance towards the issue. 

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