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Re-entering a game

Why are people allowed to come back into a game after pretending they’ve left, staying dormant for MANY turns, letting the computer take over then regaining control? Such unfair gameplay and downright cheating!

Well, most likely its just a flakey connection and you have to restart the app to get back in. Hows that cheating? Would you really want the computer to play for you? The computer sucks. Why would you want that? Your lucky you can get back in if you lose connection, only works half the time for me, so you should feel lucky that this is even possible.

You’re missing the point entirely. It’s not a poor connection at all. People play possum, let the other players think they’ve left the game then come back in and take over. We all play differently when we know it’s a computer and that’s what they’re banking on. It’s sly and poor sportsmanship. If that’s the only way they can get a win then shame on them!
People have been cheating this way for years. Never been fixed.
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