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Restarting App NEVER Works

Whenever I submit a ticket about a lost connection or inability to rejoin a game, I get a response that maybe I should "restart the RISK app and trying rejoining".  This NEVER works.  EVER.  Every time... I'm asked to rejoin, a choose yes, and I enter the game only for it to stall out on a players turn and then magically show the "Lost Connection" message, in which the ONLY choice is to forfeit the game.  WTF.

How has this been an issue for so long and no one managed to fix it?  I'm on an relatively new iPhone, with iOS 14.6, and it hasn't mattered which iOS i'm using or if I've updated the app recently (which I always do)... this never works.  

Is this an issue on Android phones as well, or is it just us iPhone users that are screwed??

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