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Fake Players (Bots)

Is it just me or are at _least_ half of all players fake? I'm not talking about regular AI. There are these players that you can make Alliances with and send messages and all. But they never respond. They have legit sounding names. But they all have very similar playstyle and make insanely dumb moves. Like conquer random countries the entire game, not conquering a continent despite ample opportunity, not attacking a leaders continent despite being able to without consequence. Sometimes they just go full turtle and you can do nothing about it. Even a child could do better. Very often the game is a stalemate until the one with the best starting position steamrolls everyone. Im new to this game so I want to hear your opinions. Maybe Im just paranoid?? But I cant explain this any other way. I want to play with real players not this donkey AI. If they were marked as AI it wouldnt be such a huge issue for me but now I also have to guess who is real and not. And who is responsible for this? Is this a malicious 3rd party or the devs trying to boost the "player" base? Well please let me know your thoughts.
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