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This is not a fucking game to gain money or fame or even to be like a small hobby. I came here for fucking relaxation, but these fucking shit holes who should take care that everyone plays fair, without cheating, without collaborations when the alliance option is off, they just reply "The reported users didn't play in the past together. The case is closed." Well, !!! FUCK YOU !!! Exactly two players need to cheat more than once together to take it into account, you fucking craps with eyes!? I put money in this garbage, which you call it a game. And this cesspool should pay attention for users who plays from the same country, from the same home address, FROM THE SAME FUCKING ROUTER! And more frustrating is when these gamers laugh in our fucking faces, wich perhaps are friends in real life or even they play with multiple accounts. Having the same fucking flags, one with too little wins or even zero, the other with a small amount of losses, playing together from the start, without any protection at their borders, using emoticons to laugh of the rest of us, being so fucking obvious that they play together... and when I report them I get the same fucking answer every fucking time from these imbeciles. "They didn't play together in the past. The case is closed."
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