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Opponent speed

How come some opponents go faster than others and I've dealt with one in particular that ran through the map destroying everything in about 15 seconds. Can anyone explain this.

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Would also like to know, doesnt seem fair that this is possible. Ive tried disabling camera animations and disabling the end phase confirmation, turning ui scale down, etc, but cant get how they do this. Are they cheating? Or is there another setting im missing?

ditto all the above , WTF !!

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What is the answer to the super speed of attacks?

Yea, ANYBODY KNOW???? This is ridiculously unfair. No setting ive tried allow my to skip how many troops I want to move , these cheaters seem to just just blast through every territory at lightning speed. Are they using a PC? Are they using a keyboard that allows instant attacks and moves without clicking anything after an attack? Please tell us so this can be fair for everybody to know. Ive disabled camera animations and all other options I could think of. It is impossible to play fairly with these guys that blow through the map in 10 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the speed comes from disabling animations and activating battery saving option. I feel with more speed when attacking using that. Maybe it is just to tap quickly.

They're all cheaters.  Either work for SMG or know someone that does and will never be punished.  The game makers have made this their little playground and there is nothing you can do about.  Be selective in who you allow in your games.

It's called cheating.  It's allowed by SMG and their cronies because this has become their personal playground.

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