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played 3 single player games still cant play ranked

i bought risk on steam today. says i cant play ranked games until i play three games. played three tutorials. still locked. played three more single player games. still locked. rank page thing says i have played six games but no single player games. also says i am 6-0 which is wrong because i lost a heap of game trying to beat computer. ffs. i had an account on android which i cant log into because i linked it to facebook account which is linked to an email i cant log into anymore. just fing crashes when i try log in on android. paid $16 or whatever for it on steam and i still cant fing play the game. what in the %$%$? 

anyone know why its saying i have played 0 single player games when i have played 6 wins and many losses? 

Why the %$%$ is ranked locked anyway? I didnt change settings for single player games and computer was hard as %$%$ to defeat too. wtf? I was grandmaster on android account. 

does the universe not want me to be able to play risk online? does need to be so %$%$ing hard? 

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ok - games i played were tutorials and scenarios. Is this the problem? they do not count as single player games?

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