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Novices appear to have a MASSIVE advantage

 I just watched in horror as a Novice performed a trickle attack on my 28 troops on Siam with his 12 troops. He not only took down Siam but all of Australia. Thats 12 vs 32. That should be impossible. I don't know how the programmers have rigged this game, but it appears when you start out as a Novice, you have a 90% chance of a flawless attack. As a Master, I no longer dare to attack 1 troop if I only have 3 troops - I know my chance of losing is about 80%. When I was a Novice, 3 troops would beat 1 troop 100% of the time. This game is SERIOUSLY RIGGED.

Game's not rigged. Novices do not have any advantage, the game does not take rank into account when calculating rolls. That's a very lucky one - but not impossible, it's about a 2 in 100 chance. You must just have run into one really lucky person.

If the game was rigged for Novices, I'm sure I would have moved out of Novice rank by now, haha

I just lost 22 troops to 8. Happens a lot, very frustrating. Same person win the game by knocking out my 36 with 33 of his and 18(!!!) left over. Don't know if there's any truth to what you're saying, but he was a novice.
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