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AI only attacks me. No matter what!

I am so sick of this game! Every single game I play, players will drop out. When the computer takes over they attack me relentlessly while leaving the other human player unscathed. It doesn't matter how many troops I put up. The AI will attack 12 against my 13 rather than 12 against other players 5. This is every single game. It is impossible to win while being attacked constantly. You cannot keep up. I paid for this game! I did not pay to be cheated! What a waste of money!

Bullshit Eric, most of the bots I play are expert level as far as i know and they do the same stupid shit, none of the AI has any tactical sense.   They don't understand how to play the game.  THEY'RE BROKEN.

"Number two" I don't want to play bots at all and I certainly don't get to pick what their skill levels are.   They are in the games because people have  dropped out or not confirmed.  It's not like I TRY to play bots lol, you can't help playing them, which is a huge part of the problem.

"Number three" are you really that fucking dense?  Do you not play this game?  How the fuck would you avoid AI since anyone who quits or doesn't confirm turns into AI lol?  Jesus Christ dude, that is the dumbest thing you've said in this thread which is really saying something.

Seriously do you even play the game?   If you do play the game how do you avoid AI?  Educate me because I would LOVE to be able to avoid the shitty AI.

Or did you just decide to say something really stupid without thinking about when you asked why I'm playing with AI?

And Eric if you told me the update was coming in Jan I sure as hell don't remember it.

Luci told me 2-3 months ago a big update was coming that would fix the AI, she didn't say Dec and I sure as hell don't remember you saying it either. 

Either way, why is an update needed to fix the AI in a five year old game lol?

One of the devs on Reddit told me that the AI "wasn't a priority".......which is absolutely infuriating if you've paid to play the game.  You can't avoid the AI and I don't think expecting it to have a basic understanding of how to play Risk is too much to ask?

Instead games get ruined all the time by someone botting out and the bot doing dumb shit like fortifying turn after turn or attacking whoever is nearest.

Why do you keep replying if it bothers you so much and you obviously don't have anything to add?  Move on with your life and quit making excuses for the shitty AI.

Okay, I will. See you.

I've been told it's better for my mental health to stop replying here anyway

 How many times are going to say you're done buddy?  If you're really "done" you already know and I don't give a shit so why the constant dramatic announcements?

Eric Asmodius just do be quiet. No one wants your comment. You've been politely told that throughout. Your opinion stinks. I suspect you are SMG. BUT ANYWAY, just do be quiet. I have told SMG exactly what I have thought of them countless times. And Hasbro for that matter. RISK is a classic. Being awful at coding is excusable, I'm complete pie at it, but the one thing I cannot tolerate is their manipulation on outcomes. They had to admit that they do program what they call "failsafes" into the outcomes of rolls. "To stop things happening too often that effect a player disproportionately". I. E. So a Master can't be taken out in round one.

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Ok quick one I have noticed in the past not sure if it still does it but if your allies with someone and they leave the game a bit takes over but because you have an alliance the bot will never and I mean never attack you only people who didn’t have an alliance with the player before they left. It could be you and the bot left you could be outnumbered 1mil to 1 it still wouldn’t attack you if you had an alliance with the player before.
Yeah, it turns out the AI really was broken and it really was attacking some players and not others! They’ve fixed it in the latest update (v2.8) apparently though. It’s just that you can’t tell whether any of the human players have left the game anymore.
Or when the AI refuses to attack another AI controlled territory of another color. The 2 AI's team up and refuse to attack each other. I love playing Risk, but sometimes you have to play alone and I refuse to pay for a game that's not enjoyable or recommend it. A suggestion. Instead of calling it an AI (Artificial Intelligence), call it an AS (Artificial Stupidity). And don't try suggesting to see the AI higher, because the higher I set it, the stupider it acts.

This continues even now.  When a player drops out and allows the AI to take control the AI appears to attack my player relentlessly... even attacking my superior force instead of an easier kill.  I think all active players that allow AI to take control, should have their "AI Algorithm" reset to Beginner / Novice Level.  Especially, if the host has the AI Level set to Beginner / Novice. This is a simple programming fix.

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