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Risk: Global Domination Turkey Map

Recently,  on steam a first look post about a new Turkey map was made. This map not doing enough research included  "Northern Cyprus" as part of Turkey. This is not only offensive to me as a North Cypriot but to all Cypriots around the world an to include European territory within Turkish borders is a blow to all of Europe. 

When I made my comment under the post bringing attention to this fact, I got bombarded and harassed by Turkish people calling me things such as "Gayreek" "Retard" and telling me that Turkish military would shot me.

This map needs to be immediately altered and North Cyprus should be removed. Shame on you for making such an offensive game map,  satisfying pan-Turkists and nationalists. Cyprus's sovereignty needs to be respected.  


A concerned Cypriot.

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He is right. Its like calling Americans English just because their language are close to each other... If "Turkish REPUBLIC of North Cyprus" was part of turkey it wasn't going to have Republic in its name... Im offended as a Cypriot. Imagine being so barbaric that you believe that you own a country... This dlc is unacceptable like this !!!!!

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While I agree here, by your logic Hasobazi the Republic of California isnt part of the United States, but I see your point.

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