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Why do Novice dice rolls nearly always succeed?

 I get the feeling this game is rigged. Novices can attack a 4 with a 5 and be confident they'll lose 1 troop and gain the territory. This game seems absolutely rigged. Also, is it possible to hide your Master rank? Everyone teams up on you. Even Masters can't defeat a united opposition. I have Alliances selected as off at all times and I can see the function is still turned on in every

Sorry to be rude, but that's complete bullshit. Novices hold no dice advantage. I've played as novices on several accounts and lost games to higher ranks who had insane dice rolls against me - beating my 14 with an 8 in one case. Can't hide rank, no, but if you don't want to be ganged up on I'd like to question why you're playing with all novices anyway. Players often make informal alliances to defeat stronger players. You should really just set your minimum rank to Master or Expert so that you don't get in games with all novices anyway. . .

What country are you in where novices don't compete against masters? We must be regionally  divided. I bet higher population countries don't get disconnected like we do in Australia all the time.

Novices compete against masters a ton in the Western US, where I live - but I just set my minimum rank to higher than novice, as I said. I HIGHLY doubt the developers would give more disconnects to the country they live in considering SMG is all in Australia lol

I didn't know they are in Australia. We get constant disconnects. I have good internet but its a server issue. I think you are talking primarily in Creating your own matches. In that instance, Alliances Off works. But it doesn't work in Automatch. Joining a screen match is often polluted by two friends who pick a target - odds are better of the game being fair in automatch from my experience. I'm still seeing Novices getting unbelievable dice rolls though. I think it might be rigged in the Blitz mode (main dice roll type) so that  Novices like the game more when they're starting out so they'll upgrade membership.

Ah yes, in Automatch you will often find two lower ranked people who have an alliance against a higher ranked foe, this is common there. In non-automatch games, I often will either play 1v1s or will funnel in players to my game, by setting the player limit to 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 so cheaters don't join.

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