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Ranking not updating?

Since the last update, my ranking is not updating, anyone else?

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Yes, exactly the same for me.

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My ranks been static after 4 wins with about 5 Intermediates and 4 experts in them that lost at least... This was pre and post upgradation. Have started to take screen captures of ranking after games now. But...

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Well, I sent in a ticket, let's see what happens.   I'll start taking screen shots as well

Hello! Here's SMG's reply to support tickets about that: "Just a quick note to everyone experiencing issues or concerns relating to their ranking over the weekend - we've had some unexpected issues with our servers which are being investigated and working on correcting this from reoccurring in the future, which resulted in very delayed results sent back to the app.

Please note - we have reviewed this in depth and can assure you that your ranking points are correctly updating on our servers (assuming you are playing ranked games of course), however it is at times taking >24h to see the ranking reflected correctly in-app.

Restarting the app/entering leaderboards then back out might help however not a definite "quick-fix" at this time. Please bear with us as we resolve this issue."

My problem started on July 4th, I was no longet getting my rank updated. I saw that my tablet updated from v2.5 to v2.6. I use a Samsung Tablet on Android, my id is attached to my Android Play Store. I uninstalled the App and reinstalled again, and I cannot longer link my old profile. So, I was forced to create a new account, and the new account obviously demotes me to Novice down from Master. With the new account and a fresh install, the rank is not updating either, it is at Rank Zero. My old account was not updating tank from July 4th (Saturday) until yesterday when I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. So, clearly these are facts: 1) the v2.6 upgrade broke the working function of ranks 2) Between the morning of July 4th and yesterday (July 7h) there are many more hours than just 24 hours. If SMG Studio could be accurate and explain the problem to their customers, it would help them greatly.

Please read my comment.

Eric, thanks for your reply although this solution doesn’t work for me. The rank hadn’t been updated for more then 24 hours since the game finished. Cheers!

Hey there H_nina,

You can also check your rank here on the leaderboards website :)

Hi, updated several days ago now. My status has changed from intermediate to master but my ranking remains static. Tried rebooting but no change. Seems 24 hours is not doin it either. Any sign of a fix for this?

So going into Leaderboards on your profile and back out doesn't fix it?

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This has fixed it. Thanks!

No problem! Glad I could help :)

I have restarted, gone into Hasbro. My numeric ranking never changes. It's pointless playing, to me, if I can't see any results.
Are you sure you’re playing Ranked games, and have you tried the solutions in this thread?
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