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Cheaters - Lorenzo.hertoge and Albert Kicks 32

Beware of these two collaborating cheaters. Either its the same person or obviously work together. I understand that since I am a GM I am an easy target. However, Albert Kicks 32 had South America and he let Lorenzo.Hertoze have North America with 1 troop sharing their border. Then had Lorenzo start working on each other player until it was just the two of them left. Then albert wiped the board. They both have practically the same amount of games played. Albert is a Master with only 45 games won and 38 losses. That is unachievable without cheating. Plus SMG A person with only 45 wins should not be ranked a master. I reported them in game and watched the whole game after I was the 2nd eliminated. Ps. Screenshot. Lorenzo = purple, Albert = Red.

I've placed your report on the Discord server as well and will report back to you when a result is heard :)


No problem!

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