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What is it about Australia that makes players act like idiots?

 I just lost a game where a Yellow MASTER attacked me in Australia, I had about 40 troops, he had 52 when he attacked.  I had 3 cards and he had 2 so when he finished me off he got an extra 8 troops or so but it left  him with only  about 20 total. 

It's like logic goes out the window when Australia is involved.   I've seen so many players do the dumbest stuff to try to take it.  I was the weakest player in the game when Yellow attacked and he was the second weakest........why in the world would you waste troops attacking what is essentially an equal force when you're surrounded by players with many more troops than you lol?  I do not get it.

The orange guy in Europe had one territory with nearly 40 troops and the Green guy in SA had about 30 that they could attack Australia with.

So what happens? 

OF COURSE the very next turn the Green guy attacks from SA and gets the Yellow guy in Australia down to 2 troops in Australia.  He then transferred more troops from SA to Australia so he had about 25 or so in Australia but he left SA wide open to the blue player in NA or the orange player in Europe.

BUT THEN the Orange guy in Europe who had nearly 40 troops in one territory attacked Australia, finished off Yellow and took out Green in Australia.

So basically what happened was I was wiped out by yellow....yellow was immediately wiped out by green and orange and then orange basically annihilated green.

All because the yellow guy tried to take Australia even though he had nowhere enough troops to take it and then hold it.

He was master ranked too lol.  I just don't get what goes through these guy's minds.  What is the point of taking Australia if it wipes you out?  You're just going to get wiped out the very next turn yourself.

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